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Anyone recently back


How were the Mosquito’s ???


I was eaten alive for awhile by mosquitos - especially on the backs of my thighs and knees, my lower back, my neck, and even my jawline! I wore Off after the first day, but was bitten twice by a mosquito the second day after stepping out of the shower (he was lurking in the bathroom before I had a chance to cover up).

Good news: I remembered to bring Off!, thanks to these boards, and I approached the front desk each day to ask that my room be sprayed. This double-strategy completely eliminated my mosquito problem.



We stayed at Playa Naco, and I was not bothered my the little critters at all.


We were at the Iberostar a few weeks ago and don’t recall seeing ANY mosquitos. I don’t really recall seeing any bugs at all thankfully, Go and enjoy. By the way I think the mosquitos don’t like the smell of Presidente so be sure to load up on it daily. It worked for me ;D

Kevin :sunglasses:


Nickie: We can probably help you better if you tell us where you are going, without lookig through all the threads. It can vary greatly between the N,S and E Coast, depending on weather, but also when you are going. Lets face it, Mosquitoes are Mosquitoes and they are everywhere, (especially when it rains) just be prepared. If they are not there, lucky you. Spray and enjoy. (Our problem was wasps around the pop machine).


I am staying at the Ocean Bavaro- Next week! (East coast- Punta Cana)



What mosqitoes? :slight_smile:


Just returned last night from the Barcelo Bavaro Beach and Caribe and the mosquito’s were bad…I never got bit (i don’t think they like me) my husband got a lot of bites and so did my grandson. We used off everynight before we went out but it was in our room that they got the bites while they were sleeping. After the 2nd night I put a towel along the bottom of the door and that seem to make things better, when i moved the towel in the morning you could see all the mosquito’s start to fly around…the maid did spay all the rooms each morning but the came in under the doors…So if you are going to this hotel take some OFF…