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Anyone use Nolitours?

hows the service? anything really special about them? i’m curious .

[quote=@brianwade]hows the service? anything really special about them? i’m curious .

We’ve used Nolitours several times because they offered a resort exclusively that we wanted to visit. There wasn’t really much choice in the matter!

Nothing special about them in my opinion and we have no complaints.

Cameleon is a branch of Nolitours, so often you’ll receive a bottle of rum and a package of coffee as a gift in your room if you’re considered a Cameleon client or you book a Cameleon resort such as Cameleon Villas Jibacoa.

We’ve used Nolitours for the same reason as YVRck. We didn’t have any choice. In Quebec, it’s one of the main, if not THE main, tour company.

Their service, for the most part, is lousy. The on-site reps don’t seem to be very well trained, are generally uninformed and aren’t around when you need them (some of them aren’t even there during their posted “office hours” ::)). Yes, this is a sweeping generalization, but our experience bears it out.

One notable exception is Marie-Claude Lebeouf, a Nolitour rep extraordinaire. I saw her handle some sensitive issues with expediency and class. She also speaks 3 languages fluently (Eng., Fr., Sp.) and really seemed to LIKE to be with the clients, often joining them for meals in the buffet or for a beverage at the bar. Last I heard M-C was stationed at Cayo Largo…

We also used them with no choice to the DR. As YVRCK mentioned nothing very special.

I’ve used them a couple of times. Nothing special but no complaints either.

I have to totally agree with Zeuzeuze! Marie-Claude Leboeuf is by far the best tour rep we have ever dealt with.

The rep that was at Cameleon Jibacoa this time, Suzanne (not sure of last name), was very good also. She was there when she was supposed to be and on top of a lot of things. Spoke English, French and Spanish.

Susan :slight_smile:

We were there in Feb. and Suzanne was indeed the Nolitour rep. There were quite a few complaints about her though (and not just by us!). As it happened, her daughter was vactioning at the resort when we were there and it seemed that she had no time for the guests. Not even a “hello” when she walked by. We found her to be quite rude, in fact. At a Welcome Back dinner for returning guests in the A La Carte restaurant, she and her daughter wouldn’t even sit with the dozen guests who were waiting for her. She sat at the next table instead and did not acknowledge the Nolitour guests until she had finished her meal and was leaving the restaurant. The majority of guests I spoke with were not impressed.

However, I am glad that you had a good experience with her.

Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned any specific resort in my initial response as many are posting comments directly about the Nolitours rep. at CVJ.

Our Nolitours experiences have been middle-of-the-road, meaning that they were neither exceptional or very poor. All of the Nolitour reps we have dealt with (Cuba, DR, Mexico) were satisfactory, (no Nolitours rep specifically stands out in my mind) but we rarely have required or sought out their services or companionship.

All of the Nolitours reps have always been found on duty at the resort desks during the times indicated.

My husband and I decided to take a cheap trip to Varadero, Cuba From Toronto Canada. What we didn’t bargain for was a hurricane. We understood we were taking a risk but felt confident that Nolitours and Air Transat Vacations would ensure our safety should something like a Hurricane hit.
We were misled. Pablo, the Nolitours representative did not even allow us to have candles when we asked. Pablo and Nolitours told us we were not evacuating because Hurricane Ike was missing the province of Havana. We then heard on CNN Spain and on the Cuban National News that thirteen thousand tourists were evacuated from Varadero. We were not evacuated!
We were in a hotel, probably the only hotel, that did not have a generator. The Sirenis La Salina Hotel did not have any safe room or location for tourists to weather the storm. Still Nolitours did not evacuate us and we were forced to stick out the storm in our room. We had no electricity, no phones, no running water, the toilets were backed up, and water was running into our rooms. I thought the glass was going to break for sure but fortunately the tape on the windows absorbed the vibration from the wind. It was a very scary vacation.
Do not travel during hurricane season. Do not trust that your tour company will ensure your safety.

“Travel with Nolitours and enjoy the complete peace of mind that comes from the knowledge that your vacation is in the hands of real travel experts. As an industry leader, we are qualified to provide you with superior product and reliable service.”

“A member of Transat A. T. Inc., Nolitours is a wholly owned Canadian subsidiary…” www.nolitours.com

“By choosing Nolitours, you are choosing a Canadian tour operator that will help make your dreams come true. Get the most out of your vacation: more fun, more pleasure, more satisfaction! Quality vacations at affordable prices, with special attention to detail. That is the Nolitours mission.”

    NOLITOURS shall not be liable for failure in the performance of any of its obligations, including without limitation, for any loss or damage resulting from any delay, cancellation, adverse weather conditions, loss of personal belongings, illness, bodily injury, accident, death, deterioration of Travel Services, inconvenience, loss of enjoyment, disappointment or frustration, either mental or physical, due to:
    · An Act of God or Force Majeure or third party wrongdoing;
· A war, revolution, insurrection, riot, blockage, terrorism or act of terrorism, or any other unlawful act against public order or authority;
· Fire, flood, explosion, earthquake, epidemics, pandemics, public health emergency, quarantine, storm, lightning, hurricane, tropical storm, tornado or tropical storm;
· Accident to or failure of an aircraft or equipment used in connection therewith, loss of or hijacking of an aircraft, or any shortage of or inability to provide labor, fuel or facilities;
· Any strike, lock-out, labor dispute or other industrial disturbance whether involving NOLITOURS’ employees, the employees of its service providers or others upon whom NOLITOURS relies;
· Any government order, regulation, action or inaction or any failure to obtain the approval of a government authority having jurisdiction in the circumstances as may be required to the conduct of operations hereunder or any government or legal restraint upon such operation;
· Others upon whom NOLITOURS relies for the performance of the whole or any part of any Travel Services hereunder;
· Any other causes beyond the reasonable control of NOLITOURS and any other event not reasonably to be foreseen, anticipated or predicted, whether actual, threatened or reported, which may interfere with the operations of NOLITOURS or of its service providers. www.nolitours.com

If a problem cannot be solved or dealt with immediately, customers are requested to forward the specifics of the incident in writing to NOLITOURS within thirty (30) days of their return to point of departure.

NOLITOURS is a division of Transat Tours Canada Inc.
NOLITOURS is registered as a travel wholesaler in Quebec (Reg. no. 825121) with offices at Place du Parc, 300 Léo-Pariseau, Suite 200, Montreal, Quebec H2X 4C2.
NOLITOURS is registered as a travel wholesaler in Ontario (Reg. no. 50009487) with offices at 191 The West Mall, Suite 600, Etobicoke, Ontario M9C 5K8.


I too, have not had problems with Nolitours. Suzanne at CVJ was ok, friendly but nothing outstanding or memorable. Ok, I’m going out on a limb here…please do not think I’m being rude. You posted the same complaint on Trip Advisor and I have to ask the question, how can a tour operator guarantee anyone’s safety? You paid $50 for a room for an extra night…at least you got a room. Many, many tourists not to mention Cuban people themselves, had no where to stay. Cubans have lost their homes, no water, electricity etc and yet, you still got a room! I really can’t see how Nolitours could have made your stay any better. I think you need to take up your issues with Nolitours and not merely complain about them…so many have lost so much.

Thanks for sharing your experience, nicollett.

We booked our upcoming trip with Nolitours and so far they have been good. We were going to book with Air transat, but the rep said she would book it through Nolitours as it was $1 cheaper and really it is the same company. I said fine, it is all the same to me.

We had decided to change hotels, and this was done without any problems or extra costs, other then the difference in price.

We did book directly with the Air transat office that is in the same building as my work and received a better price then quoted online.

We have booked with Nolitours for the first time for our upcoming trip in Feb. I have no idea what their reputation is like but I’m guessing it’s on par with the likes of Signature, etc. We only booked with Nolitours to be able to book Club Class seats with Air Transat. As for tour reps at the resorts, if ours isn’t available when we want to plan something, we talk to a rep who is handy.

I have used both Nolitours and Transat Holidays. If you are going to the same destination on the same day, you will likely be on the same plane. Not much difference between them IMHO. (they are essentially the same company) Sometimes the “perks” at the resort, or the section you are in will be slightly different. I have no complaints with either tour operator. Given a choice between them, I would simply book the best price.

Sorry to see some of the negative comments re the tour operators.

We have used Conquest, Signature and Nolitours. The latter two particularly as they seemed to have the distribution/selling rights for Toronto/Cayo Largo packages. Never had a bad experience with any of them to be honest and the Nolitour rep (Kim) in CL was always accessible, helpful and friendly.

I’m going to update my earlier response as we have now returned from our vacation and experieced the services of the Nolitours reps. We weren’t impressed. We only saw the Nolitours rep at Breezes Jibacoa twice…once at our get together meeting and when we were ready to leave the resort. She told us, at the meeting that she could be found over at Cameleon Villas if we needed anything or wanted to book any tours. Right… going searching for her was NOT going to happen. When asked about the VIP lounge, she informed us that she did not make reservations from the resort and that we would have to do it at the airport. That was the last we saw of her until the day we left. We DID make reservations for the VIP lounge from the resort through another tour operator’s rep…one we had dealt with on a previous stay. Funny, all the other tour operators’ reps had no problem doing this except for Nolitours. When we got to the airport and saw the Nolitours rep there, he asked how we managed to reserve the lounge from the resort. We told him that if Nolitours wasn’t willing we would go to someone who would…and did and we told him we were not impressed with the service provided. He was apologetic but it was a too little, too late. We only used Nolitours to be able to book Club Class and we will, most likely, be in the same position for our next trip. We will not use their services at the resort! The other tour reps, at BJ, are very obliging and helpful whether you are their clients or not. By the way, the rep was not the same as the one mentioned in earlier threads. She seemed a nice enough young woman but nice doesn’t equate to good service.

Well I have to say when we were with Nolitours, our rep, Maxime was fantastic! Saw him pretty frequently and always seemed to be available when we had questions. Extra excursions we booked, were done so with him right at the resort.
He was friendly, informative and funny. When I asked him what he missed about home and he promptly replied…“ohhhhhhh, I miss poutine so much, with the gravy and when the cheese gets all squishy” we had quite the giggle.
He conversed openly about temporarily living in Cuba and was quite knowledgeable about the history and culture.
Really have no complaints.

Well I have to say that when Marta was the Nolitours/Transat Holidays Rep. for Breezes Jibacoa and later Cameleon she was fantastic ! :-*
She was helpful, kind, knowledgable, informative and very approachable. She went out of her way to arrange any tours that you wanted, including ones that you could tailor to your specific wants and needs. If you had a complaint she listened, asked questions and made notes, then passed them along to the appropriate people and followed up.
It was obvious she enjoyed her job very much. She left Jibacoa at the end of the 2006 travel season and no one has come even close to being as good as her at that job since ;D I miss her ::slight_smile:

I’ve had terrific Nolitours reps. Guess it’s luck of the draw…