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Anyone willing to bring a letter to Varadero?

I’d like to send a letter, some pictures, and possibly a small package to someone in Varadero, and don’t want to risk the unreliable Cuban postal service. Would anybody heading down there be willing to do me a huge favour and bring my letter along with them? The recipient lives in Matanzas City, works at the Oasis 1920, I can courier everything to you and tell you how to find him. Help would be hugely appreciated please! Thank you very much!

Well I am willing to sacrifice 1 week of my life to do this for you. I will PM you my info so you can forward my tickets and the letters you need dropped off ;D

( nothing less then a 5 star, I have my standards you know ! ) :stuck_out_tongue:

I do hope someone can help you though :wink:

We arent going until april 5th so if you cant get any one sooner we could take your letter and pictures down. We have had people kind enough to take letters for us too so would love to return the favour. Let me know. (second trip is to varadero)