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Apple Vacationers


With Apple Vacations ,is the departure tax included?I know ours was 2 years ago but our agent wasn`t sure about this time.She said she thought we just had to pay the 10 dollars for the tourist card when we went in.That was what we did before but I wanted to make sure. ???


Yes, you will pay the $10 Tax when you arrive. The $20 departure tax is included in your package if you are using the charter flight.


How do you get your departure tax included in your package price? We have to pay it in cash after we have checked in and cleared security. They stamp your boarding pass to show you paid and they look for the stamp when you are boarding, is it different for Americans?



In most cases US based airlines include the Departure Tax in the taxes section of the airline ticket.



That sounds so much better Gregg, at least you don’t have to worry about accidently spending the departure tax. Are there any Canadian airlines that do that?

Cool signature by the way.


Not charters, AFAIK (which accounts for most Canadians heading to the DR) but I believe Air Canada does since they are a scheduled airline on their routes to the DR from YYZ and YUL to POP and PUJ. I have only flown AC to the DR on Aeroplan tickets and it was not included there.

If Kaki sees this maybe she can comment since I believe she flew AC on her last trip to the South Coast.



Gregg we flew Air Canada to POP last year and we had to pay the departure tax in cash before we left. It seems so much better to have it already taken care of before you go.


I don’t know if I have anything different to add. I flew AC to Santo Domingo in both January and April. In January I didn’t have to pay the departure tax and in April I did. I suspect January was an oversight on somebody’s part, but that’s why I say keep the money handy but only pass it over if they ask!

I make sure I don’t spend the $20 by doing the same as others here on the Forum. Just tuck the cash into your passport along with your papers and don’t think about it!



vcop, per my travel agent Travel by Bob, departure tax of $20 is included but we had to pay separately for the $10 tourist card.