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April 12 to 19 - Cayo Santa Maria - Husa

We’re booked. Four of us - my husband, daughter, her eight year old son and myself. We stayed at Husa about the same time last year, hope the weather is just as good as it was then. Looking forward to seeing that beautiful beach.

I believe that you will have very nice weather and maybe a few showers as raining season soon to start but 95% of the time will be perfect. Yes you will for sure be soon on beautiful beach of Cayo Santa Maria and do not forget to post your photos and review once you are back :slight_smile:

Hey Bebbie, we went there early December and had a great time.
If you have any questions, feel free (or read my review posted jan 2014)
When u go, please say hello “from tia loca” to
Yurquemy, reservations mgr (and part-time bellboy when needed),
darling Yordanka in the Buffet and of course that smiling bartender on the beach (he will remember tia loca!)

We had a wonderful time, the hotel is huge and beautiful, lots to see and do, and can I have a Hallaloo for DA BEACH? :sunglasses:

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Fantastic time we had. Sad to say that Husa has been sold, closed until the end of October. Supposedly opening under the name of Gaviota La Estrella Resort. Not too sure if the name Gaviota will be part of the resort name as that company owns ALOT of resorts.

Zen, didn’t see one employee with a name tag on. That is something I think would be a plus.

Not sure who the people are that you referred to. From here on in, I am going to ask. Met our housekeeper Ana. Only know her name because she left us a couple of notes. Talked to the guy who filled our fridge - no name. There was Alberto who worked the pool bar on the Beach side.

Really wish I had gotten names of employees. From the server in the a la carte to the cooks. They all made our trip.

Met a wonderful server at the Theatre and she also worked the lobby bar - Daily. Our eight year old grandson was nuts about her. She was fantastic.

We were at this resort last year and things weren’t all that great there. What a world of difference this time around.

You know this was the first time in all the years we have travelled that we got exactly what we asked for. We requested adjoining rooms, Beach Side, Building 9 or 10 (we got 10). Had asked for second floor, got third, but that made sense. We paid for an upgrade to oceanview (not direct) which would put you on third floor. If we were on the second we would of been looking at mangroves.

I remember that too, the employees not wearing name tags. On day 1, I mentioned this to one of the managers who was omnipresent and his reply was “Oh yes, of course, we are waiting for a long time for the tags. They have been ordered but we have not received them yet”.