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Are they legal marriage contracts?


I got married in 2000 in Dominican, and yesterday a guy told me that Dominican marriages are not recognized in Alberta Canada. Is this true?


… you realized that there is no country by that name…? :stuck_out_tongue:



I’ll help you…The Dominican Republic…:slight_smile:


If that was true then there would be one heck of a lot of couples “living in sin” As far as I know all provinces and territories recognize marriages from the Dominican Republic. The question you should ask this DR man who told you this is “are you in this country legally?” :sunglasses: ;D


she never said this guy was Dominican. in the future say the name of the country so you don’t offend people from that specific country you are talking about. Just like our when our southern Neighbours say short forms for your country, we don’t like it that much,

but if you go to the canadain embassy, they say that weddings in the DR a legal and valid in Canada.



estate1 I almost forgot, welcome to DDTF and I hope all your questions get answered as I know they will :sunglasses:


THANKS FOR THE REPLIES. I have heard mow from several people now that Alberta doen.t recognize marriage contracts done in the Dominican Republic. i will be contacting the a appropriate agencies to confirm this, this week.


You might be a little confused over this. According to the official web site of the province the following question was asked
If I’m getting married outside of Alberta do I have to do anything with Vital Statistics in Alberta?
The government response was. No. All licensing documentation will be according to the law of that jurisdiction. The marriage event will be registered where it took place,outside Alberta.

If that province recognizes the DR licenses then they I would assume also recognize the marriage. IMHO :sunglasses:


Looks like you have got it figured for me…i do tend to get confused…thanks…haha


estate1 don’t think you are confused as there is so much going on with weddings in the DR right now eg. price increase. However can you just imagine if a couple got married in the Dr and it wasn’t legal. My goodness, there sure would be a pile of couples “living in sin”. :sunglasses: