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Any suggestions on the best way to bring home paintings. Is UPS available from hotels ?

The vendor will take the painting off the wooden frame, roll it up, and you’re good to go. Even the ones that are quite large will fit diagonally in a large suitcase. :sunglasses:

You’d likely pay more for UPS than you did for the painting. Your next big $$$ hit will be getting it framed … Like the preceding poster said, the vendor will roll it up. The paintings seem to survive this quite well.

For framing: 1 x 2s from Home Depot (or similar) is under $10 and the staples in the staple gun, pennies. This is what I did and it looks great on my 30" x 40" painting and others It’s a very easy do-it-yourself job… even for a girl :sunglasses:

Right, I’ve seen people do it that way. But I’ve also seen people take them to the custom framing shop, and you know that will be big dollars … ::slight_smile:

Debbie, you went to the same “expensive” framing shop as us. ;D

I was lucky enough to find a velvet painting of Elvis with a perfect frame, and it was just the right size. Sorry had to sacrifice the Elvis original and put the Dominican Picasso in it’s place.
Cost $2

Handy chicks eh? ;D

We just brought 2 paintings back. The vendor took them off, rolled them up and they fit right in the suitcase. Bought the wood at HD nad they are on the walls -looking fine. If you go to have them framed -cost more than the paintings and not the same as they look when purchasing.

yes pricy to get them professionally done, cost us around 100 bucks! but it looks so good and it’s a sturdy metal frame.

So do you guys mean that the painting will end up frameless? Are you stretching it out over a square of wood? I would like to buy something myself so I am glad you asked this question!

Yes. The vendor takes the painting off the frame made up of 1x2’s nailed together and rolls it up. When you get home, you make up a duplicate frame the same size and put your painting back on it.