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Asistur document - proof of medical insurance for passengers arriving on direct flights from US - thanks to Bob Michaels


Bob Michaels writes:

All passengers arriving on flights direct from the US are automatically covered by Asistur (Cuban insurance company) medical insurance for 30 days. The cost is bundled into the ticket cost.

These passengers are never asked to provide proof of medical insurance by Cuban immigration at airports as they are aware this has been standard for many years. However it is a different situation dealing with a medical service provider if you actually need to use the insurance or Cuban immigration at places other than the airport if you have reason to extend or change status of your travel visa.

American Airlines continues to insist that every Cuban hospital, every doctor, every Cuban immigration officer in every small town in Cuba recognizes that an American Airlines boarding pass proves that the passenger has Asistur medical insurance. This is false. I know from personal experience. I do not know what Delta, jetBlue, Southwest, or the other airlines will provide for proof of insurance. Hopefully American Airlines will change their procedure for providing proof of medical insurance as they are now aware of the problem.

There is an official Asistur one page document that states everyone arriving on a direct flight from the US has Asistur insurance for 30 days. This document, your boarding pass, and your passport will show that you have medical insurance. This document is not available anywhere on line. Nor is it available to passengers even though it should be. So I am providing it for download.

I would encourage anyone flying direct to Cuba from the US to download this one page document, print it out, and carry a copy with them.


That’s some good MacGyver’in there Beardo.


Excellent info for passengers arriving on flights direct from the US! Thank you @beardo for posting this great info!


Some of Canadian travelers as well might not be aware of insurance required to travel to Cuba … it was discussed on our forum Cuba to impose health insurance on all visitors
if anyone wish to read more about it!


The document is now available in a higher resolution pdf format at this link:


HKarina has provided some additional links that will be useful to travellers who have purchased the Assistur insurance.

Karina wrote:

The first has a translation of the “Summary of Benefits” and the second has a translation (I haven’t check it to se if it is good) of the whole policy


I see that Jetblue links to this document - http://www.esicuba.cu/images/documentos/ESI%2004051_05%20CG02%20English%20(01092016).pdf


The Asistur document that beardo links to appears to be the most current. But, it says the coverage limits are described in a “summary of benefits” which is not included or referenced anywhere. So no clue what the limits are.


Here are some exclusions:

“Medical, Transport, and Repatriation Expenses from Sickness or Accident:
Asistur does not cover expenses for the following accidents and situations: War, civil or military uprising, terrorism, sabotage, strikes, detentions by authority, radioactivity, sea or mountain rescue, chronic illnesses, previously existing illnesses, congenitally recurring illnesses, prosthetics (such as contact lenses, hearing aids, glasses), pregnancy, birth, abortion, pregnancy complication, mental illness, participation in an illegal activity, suicide or attempted suicide, self inflicted injuries, treatment for intentional ingestion of drugs including alcohol, and medication without a prescription, consequences of surgery that was part of treatment for an accident, consequences of a sickness of any kind, accidents from participating in contact sport, motor sport, scuba diving, caving, and mountain climbing. This last exclusion can be covered by paying the high risk activity supplement.”


There’s a tread going on here: