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Ask and recieve ..sometimes it works


Last year when picking up my new reading glasses I asked Laurier Optical if the box of donated used glasses were still going to Haiti. The manager said that Haiti is no longer on peoples mind, so out came my business card, and he said that I could pick them up in January 2013.

Jackpot… over 100 pairs, most in cases. Hopefully Olive and Don can fit them in their luggage this Saturday before I drive them to the hotel in Toronto for their Sunday flight to POP.

They will be donated to Dominican Eyes + , run by Canadain Karen Conquergood, previously with Sosua Kids.


Thank you Laurier Optical


Excellent! Thank you Laurier Optical !!


Earlier this month, I put a box and request for eyeglasses at a retirement home - collected about 30 pairs…

A friend who lives in BC is flying into POP Jan. 22 and, will be at the Meet & Greet on Feb. 1 at 1pm with approximately 30 pairs.

People are so generous when you give them a chance.

Thanks to Laurier Optical also.


Well done all, must admit I hadn’t thought about glasses, I will get contact details when at the meet and greet and work on getting some for my next trip.

Cheers Amandalou xx