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ATM fees


I was thinking of bring my ATM card to POP and takign out some Pesos form the local ATMS there in case of an emergency. Deos anyone know what kind of service fees I woudl face on my card if I did take money out.


Personally, I would take sufficient $US cash, small bills, to cover all your planned expenses. We usually take a few $100 TC’s for emergencies. Or, you can take a cash advance on your CC if it’s a real emergency. At that point, you don’t really care how much it costs. ::slight_smile:


I needed some RD twice from the ATM. The first time I used the ATM at the Marien and 3000RD cost me $107.54CD at .358 rate. A couple days later I used the ATM on the outside of the shopping ceter at the Playa Dorada complex and the rate was .365. Worked out good for me as I haven’t been charged a fee as of yet.


I always take enough US$ to have a good time but I save those and take out cash advances so that I can have a very good time. ;D

I have never used my bank card but I use my Mastercard a lot.
Service charge is $4.50 CAD per transaction so as long as you take out a few hundred dollars or more at a time it is a very small percentage.
It costs more just to buy the US$ here.
The exchange rate is very good.
Considering the 2% the banks charge here to buy US$ and the 1-2% less than official exchange given for US$ in DR, credit card advances are great.
The interest for 1 week is negligible plus you could always load it up with a surplus.


We used our Bank of Montreal ATM card in POP at the bank on Dec. 22/04 and was charged $3.00 service fee.

On March 7 & 17 we used the same ATM card in Cartagena, Colombia and again the service fee was $3.00 each time.

We found the exchange rate to be better this way vs. the exchange on local currency using dollars to buy. We just make sure we withdraw enough to make it worthwhile.

Don & Olive T.


Perfect. I’m a BMO customer too so its good to knwo the fee is only 3.00. My girlfriend works for TD so we dont’ have to pay to get out money exchanged into US whiel were in Edmonton doing all our prep.


There is a Scotia Bank ATM in the lobby of the Caribe Club Princess


I always use $US cash on the North Coast and convert as required to $RD pesos at a Casa de Cambio. In PUJ this trip I could only find cambios offering me gringo rates and I wouldn’t exchange at those rates. At Breezes PUJ there was a Banco Popular ATM so I took money out there.

For $RD3000 pesos I was charged $114.63CDN (26.1712) plus a $3CDN service charge. A couple of days later I was charged $114.33CDN (26.2398) plus the same $3CDN service charge.

As long as the ATM is in a resort i would have no problem recommending it’s use.