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ATM location and questions

Leaving very early Thursday morning and have a last minute question… (I did search here, but did not find what I was looking for)

My thought is to bring a couple hundred US dollars (some of which will be in the $1 denomination), but I am also going to bring my Visa Card for (hopefully) atm withdrawals.

Do they have ATM’s that will give you cash in DR Pesos, or is it in US Dollars? I prefer to get USD and then (if need be) get it exchanged at the Banco.

We will be staying at Breezes Puerto Plata.

I just called Breezes and found out that they do NOT have an ATM, and that I would have to go to a local bank. I guess my question now is, what do most of you do about bringing cash? travelers checks? visa/mc? Debit card? Thanks all… this may seem like a silly question, sorry.
Thanks all…

Newcastle, Maine

Hi, last year we were able to get US at the bank in the plaza using our Visa Card…

Sorry to sound ignorant, but where is the Plaza?

Thanks again,

Get on the shuttle to Sosua, or on the guagua (local bus) and go to the Bank. I always use pesos in Puerto Plata/Sosua/Cabarete. Anyway, if you use American, your change will be in pesos. If you want $1 bills, ask the waiters to change your $20 bills for you, they usually have a lots of small bills from tips.

Most bring $US cash. ATMs only dispense pesos. If MYSHEL418 says they got $US at a bank, I believe them. There are several plazas in the PC area. Bavaro Plaza near Steve’s bar is one. There are several banks in the area. Best to go during regular busness hours in case of ATM problems.


Great info… Thanks all!


But he’s going to Breezes POP. Bring enough US dollars for souvenirs, and tips and use your credit card for tours, if booked through your travel agent or the resort. Or as I mentioned before, go the the bank in Sosua to withdraw more money from your account. I never use my debit card at ATMs in DR. There’s enough debit card fraud in my own country, I don’t want to worry about it in a foreign country.

Sorry, I had a senior moment, I thought Breezes was in Playa Dorada which is where the plaza is…didn’t mean to confuse anyone

Thanks for the info VincenteDiana! Answered my questions and concerns…

Didn’t notice the POP reference. My bad. :frowning:


it doesn’t really matter if you are in Punta Cana, or Puerto Plata, the bank machines can be “iffie” We used our bank cards, and had some success, but more often than not, there was no money in the machines. Needless to say, it caused some concern if the money had come out of our accounts or not. Every thing worked out ok . But a 5$ bank charge for each withdrawal. So to cut down on that, take out as much as you think you will need in one go

Do the ATM’s take all cards? We’re with a credit union…just wondering.

I’ve used ATMs at banks in Playa Dorada, and in Sosua. Never had a problem.

Not all “credit union” cards work. My brother-in-law’s would not. My BMO card has the Cirrus, Maestro and Interac logos on the back. His was missing one of them, but I can’t remember which one.