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Attention Club Class veterans

Just wondering if there is a separate check in line in Punta Cana for this. I decided to splurge this year and booked it. Everyone says once you do this you can never go back. LOL Oh well. I have never taken notice before at the airport. Looking forward to having room for my long legs.

I rememeber them asking for club class passengers… then being routed to a different part of the counter… we never had to wait… not sure if there is a separate line or not… and you are right… you will never go back… the leg room is one plus but the service is great too… makes a great start and finish to your holiday!!

Thanks akann68, appreciate your info.

Leggs, we went Club Class to Punta Cana Dec '07 and Dec '08. There is a separate check in. When you approach the check in line you will see it cleary posted. Maximum line up if all arrive at the same time is about 20 people give or take.

Once through tho’ you join all the other line ups but on December 28 ‘08 it was fairly quick and there’s lots of places to even sit outside for the last of the tropical weather, grab a beer, (some people were even taking turns sleeping on the grass over the fence beside the kids play area, because our flight was 1.1/2 hours delayed) have some baskin’ robins (sp), icecream, a burger, whatever. As for not looking back, you are right, but if the air carrier doesn’t have the hotel/resort we want, we will grin and bear it for a wonderful tropical vacation.

Yes there is a seperate check in. The nice part is that your bags are the first off the plane as well. Didn’t matter too much in DR because you had to wait for everyone else on the bus, but on the way home it was nice to grab your bags and run home. our bags were #1 and #4 bags out of the shoot.

Club Class is the way to go. Will be hard if we go back now. We were delayed and they served us while waiting and reg. seats had to wait until in the air to get anything.

Happy Flying Everyone