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Attention eeeefarm and Dreamweaver...Don Lino?

Hey guys or anyone else that’s been there lately, looking for info on Don Lino Resort.
Dreamweaver did you ever sort out the NCL?

Can’t help you with anything current, as I haven’t been there since last year. However, the recent reviews look good…water pressure! Imagine that! :smiley:

I was at Don Lino over Christmas. What kind of information are you looking for? You could PM me.

One thing that you and others should know is that they STILL don’t have any new bicycles- I was in touch the other day with a friend who works there. No word about when they’ll get them either. In December, I was told the bikes would be coming in January… Biking to the adjacent beach and Santa Lucia is fun. You could walk to Playa Blanca, about a km away, but SL is about 7km. One guest was very annoyed(and annoying) about the lack of bicycles when I was there, and really, I think that Sunwing and any other carriers should amend their details to let people know that currently, there are no bicycles available…