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Aug. 29 - World of Vacations Bites The Dust


and Nolitours takes over as Transat folds World of Vacations and Nolitour Vacances into one national brand.



I wonder if this will effect customers that have already booked.


I expect no changes at all. It was basically a name change the same as when earlier this year ToursMaison became Vacances Sunquest (in Quebec). Same players - new business cards.


Good to know, thanks Gregg!


I hope this doesn’t change anything. We booked with WOV in June, and at a fantastic price also. Would hate to change things now, as that yearly holiday is mostly all I think of every day! I am so hopelessly hooked, isn’t that dreadful?


I would suggest you check with your travel agent whether or not your booking has changed. I booked 14 of us to Breezes POP with World Of Vacations, deposits were paid by all.and last week I was speaking with our agent and she told me we had been transferred to Transat Holidays.


This could be the start of something interesting in the T/A business. If I were you I would check with your T/A and verify that you are getting EXACTLY the same as with Nolitours or better.

Admin is right in stating that both Transat Holidays and Nolitours are both owned by Transat AT but…

Nolitours is the first of what some think may be a trend towards lower commissions in the travel industry. All Nolitours packages are capped at an 8% commission. Transat Holidays packages have a commission which is about twice as high as Nolitours and where they have the same properties they tend to have higher prices. If the TH package has a lower “net price” (after removing the commission) the travel agent would make more money personally by selling the Nolitours package but then switching the client to the TH package with the lower “net”. I am not saying this is what is happening but what I am saying is that once booked you have a contract with the Tour Operator and the T/A has an agency commitment to your contract. In order for the contract to change you must agree to the change. I personally would not do this unless satisfied that I was receiving EVERYTHING I had agreed to in the original contract.

Mi dos pesos.