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Avoid getting sick while flying

seen this article , seems to be a good read, as most blame sickness on the resort,


UGH! We know this story all to well, last year my husband and I caught pneumonia. Foriegn travelers infront of us had two extremely sick kids, the kind where you look in their eyes and see the fever. After four hours of faceing us coughing and sneezing and crying non stop we got off the plane in La Rommana (let me just say we love kids but this was just crazy). When the kids hit the warm tropical air the baby went into shock and needed cpr. About four days later my husband came up sick and them so did I. At this point we still had almost a week in the DR. The doctor at Dreams La Rommana was great and that was the high point of our trip.

How anyone could travel with such sick kids just boggels my mind, even more worrisom no body at the airport said anything to these sick travelers. On the bright side it was just pneumonia and not tb.

That is awful - those kids must have been miserable (as well as those parents and the rest of the flight). I have two little ones and that situation definitly puts one in a sticky situation…cancel your vacation which this family may have saved for for two years in hopes that it iwll quickly pass and all will be well in a day or two, or take the sick kids on the flight, possibly infecting so many more people, risking their health if they need further treatment in a foreign country with potentially less than “our” standard care…hope I don’t have to make that choice…I hope my kids would take a higher status than my vacation…depends on how hard winter has been;)