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Ayyy ! Que frio!

Nota Informativa.
Centro de Pronósticos, INSMET.
Fecha: 6 de febrero de 2009 Hora: 11:30 AM.

…madrugada fue notablemente fría…

La pasada madrugada fue notablemente fría en localidades del interior de las regiones occidental y central con temperaturas mínimas entre 4 y 9 °C, en el resto del archipiélago se registraron valores mínimos entre 10 y 13 °C, superiores en zonas costeras y de la región oriental. Sólo en la estación de Punta de Maisí llegó a 19.7 °C y en Punta Lucrecia 20.5 °C. Las temperaturas notablemente frías se registraron en:.

Estacíon Temperatura (ºC)
Melena del Sur, LH 4.6
Isabel Rubio, PR 4.9
Tapaste 5.0
Bainoa, LH 5.4
Batabanó, LH 5.5
Güira de Melena, LH 5.9
Stgo de Las Vegas, LH 6.7
Bauta, LH 7.0
Playa Girón y Jovellanos, MTZ 7.4
Pinar del Río 8.2
Colón, MTZ 8.4
Paso Real de San Diego, PR 8.9
Santa Cruz del Sur, CM 8.9
El Jíbaro, SS 9.1
Bahía Honda, PR 9.2
Santa Lucia, PR 9.4
Santi Spiritus, SS 9.6

La estación meteorológica de Casablanca, en Ciudad de la Habana, reportó una temperatura mínima de 13.4 grados Celsius.

Para el día de hoy continuarán las condiciones invernales en todo el territorio nacional.

:o It’s warmer than here, but YIKES.

And what does warmer than here mean? Can we get a translation.

it means…it’s cold, even for our standards

21°C 22°C 23°C 25°C 26°C
Funny the Weather Network says this about Saturday to Wed.
and 21 C right now
That’s not real warm but it’s not jacket time either.
I think someone is trying to keep seats on a plane LOL

These are the overnight lows from last night - not the daytime figures.

It says that it hit 4.6 C last night in Melena del Sur.

The cold area is mainly Havana province - some Matanzas and Pinar.

Also it is inland - the coastal regions are warmer.

Casablanca (Havana City) recorded a low of 13.4 last night.

www.weather.com for Havana:

Tonight - Feb 6

Partly Cloudy


Sat - Feb 7

Partly Cloudy


Sun - Feb 8

Partly Cloudy


Mon - Feb 9

Partly Cloudy


Varadero seems warmer.

Haven’t seen it that chilly in a long time. I have to laugh at Cubans when it dips into the low teens, let alone single digits. It’s like the world is coming to an end…

It was cold the third week of January as well in Cayo Coco, average about 20C for a few days, during the day. The lifeguard at the beach kept shaking from the cold and shaking his head at the Canadians in the ocean. It was funny, we were in shorts and splashing around and he was shivering.

We were in Havana on Thursday and overnighted. It was bloody cold that night as we walked, near the Malecon, with friends, to a restaurant for dinner. The wind was very chilly. Today is Saturday and the sun just came out so I’m outta here to grab my bathing suit and hit the beach. They say (whoever they are) that we are in for better weather. We are still having a great time.