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B.T.B.C.F. Do you know what we do at the fiesta, read thread


I wrote this years ago for people who are considering attending their first fiesta. Since this year it is being held in Wasaga Beach the tailgating will happen at the venue or the motel. Hope you enjoy this.
Post by captain2002 on Mar 8, 2008 at 12:44pm
It’s that time of year again, so I thought I would dig up this thread for those who might be considering attending the Fiesta. the big change again this year is the meet and greet is the same location as the fiesta, less driving.
Info for fiesta can be found at www.beyondthebeach.ca/fiesta.html
As suggested by one of our moderators, the following is a basic itinerary of the 2 days of the fiesta. Any question just ask.
Potential fiesta attendee, I will give you the entire go around, and you and your friends can decide when to attend. The directors and any helpers usually show up on the Friday afternoon, check into the motel and then to the venue to do as much set up as possible. Tables, chairs, decorating, sound system silent auction set up and door prizes. Etc.
We the all return to the motel, change for dinner, and then a tailgate party behind the motel. Saturday morning the directors have our meeting, then last minute set up.
Back to the motel, change and head out to the meet and greet. Four years ago my wife and I knew no one, but within 10 minutes you put faces to names and poof you are all friends. M&G goes from 2-4, BYOB and chairs, Presidente on sale and proceeds to "the kid’s"
Then off to the venue, bar is open and you can check out the silent auction items and bid sheets. We have lots of music, conversation, and then dinner. I was the MC last year and might be again this year. To get things going, a time is set for the bidding to close. We the read out the high bidders and people can then stay or leave, no pressure.
Then all the party animals head back to the motel for ------------ yes you guessed it another tail gate party till who knows when.
Sunday we meet for breakfast and head home. In 2008 we had approximately about 30 for both tail gate parties and breakfast. 60-70 for the dinner.
Regards, Chris


Hey Chris. That post is kind of confusing. It implies that this year’s fiesta is at Pleasure Point Cottages (the venue for the 2015 fiesta). It does list the events and things going on, but this year it is in Barrie.

We all had a great time last year and I’m hoping this year’s fiesta is bigger and better. It’s all for the kids and if we have a good time helping them, so much the better.


Sorry Bob, I was in a rush…again


Looking forward to seeing everyone again and, hopefully lots of new faces. As Chris said, just a fun get-together and help the kids of the Dominican Republic at the same time…

For the silent auction, I have a pound of Santo Domingo coffee purchased earlier this month in Puerto Plata - come on out and bid on it!!! Will have more items for bids later…


We’ve made it to every fiesta since 2005, so we only missed the first one in 2004. At that time, we only went as a lark. As in, what the heck, let’s just go and see what this is all about…

Like a lot of other first time attenders, we discovered the commitment and dedication of the foundation, were impressed with what we saw and have been firm supporters ever since.

I invite you to find out for yourselves. Come on out, attend the fiesta, meet some really nice people and have a good time. Good company and good food. How can you go wrong? All while helping those kids.

As an aside, on our annual trek to the DR this year, we tried a new place in Samana. The foundation had a donation that was directed to that area of the country and they asked me to hand carry it and deliver it personally while I was there. Which I did.

But, we met some really nice people in the room beside us. When they found out what I was doing, they were so impressed that they made a small donation, which I’ll be bringing with me to this year’s fiesta.

I invite you to join us.


I have not missed many, 1 if I am not mistaken, the second one at Rod’s.

We are not certain if we will make this years in Wasaga Beach, but may at the last minute, you never know.
Problem is we have a permanent trailer in a park and there is an event there this year that we cannot miss, I am asking for it to be changed… >:D

So for those who have never been it is a good time, good hospitality and good friends,


Thank you for delivering that donation to Samana for us BFC. Looking forward to seeing you at Fiesta in Wasaga Beach in September !!


Looking forward to it.


For those considering attending the 2016 Fiesta, the motel rooms are filling up. Be sure to read the 2016 Fiesta thread on this forum! Hope to see everyone there!