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Baby bottles?


I am taking my 5 month old baby to a resort in DR. I am packing and planning. For you mom’s out there, please give any advice about cleaning and sterilizing baby bottles. I will of course use bottled water with her formula, but can I use hot tap water with soap to clean or will it be contaminated? Thanks in advance and I’ll take any other advice where babies are concerned!


I haven’t had an infant in the house in quite a while but I would suggest buying a few of the Playtex bottles that use disposable liners and then you’d only have to worry about sterilizing the nipples and rings. Perhaps bring along a 4cup coffee maker which would allow you to heat your own bottled water to sterilize them. I wouldn’t want to chance tap water with a delicate infant’s immune system. Good luck and hope you have a wonderful vacation.


Mindela: That’s probably the most sound advice anyone could give Fiona. I couldn’t agree more. :slight_smile:


Thanks that absolutely is great advice…you know the old saying it takes a village to raise a child. :wink:


I agree with mindela, take the Playtex bottles with the liners.If it were me, I would buy a little kettle to take with me. Then just boil the bottled water, to sterilize the nipples and rings, also remember to sterlize toys and teething rings etc, once they have been exposed to tables etc. just to be safe. :wink:
I would also suggest taking Pedialite with you just in case you need it.


I know “ready to use” formula is more expensive but I have found it is well worth it when travelling. You don’t even need to add water just pour it in the bottle and serve. I also take a little kettle to sterilize. Ask your Doctor is your baby is old enough to just use soap and water yet…but make sure it is bottled water. Enjoy your trip.

May I just say that I have three children and the thought of going to visit family with a baby that age would make me frantic let alone leaving the counrty…I would have to rent a private plane for all the stuff I’d bring. :o :o


We went in November to the Marien Coral in POP and had no problems with feeding our nine month old daughter. We took disposable liners and just washed the nipples in the bottled water they provided. There was a coffee maker there if we wanted to boil the water but everything worked out.
We also took many jars of food for her but she really didn’t eat that much from there. We did let her snack from the buffet bar on some of the fruits. It was her first true time with them and she ddidn’t get sick at all. We also took formula to supplement.
One of the good things that happened is we left all of our daughter’s food items, clothing etc behind to be given to those who needed it.
Read what you can, but do what you feel is best as a mother.
Kenn & Deanna & Ainsley