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Bacardi Island or Paradise Island?

We’re hoping to hit one of them to go snorkelling on our upcoming trip and are looking for some recommendations. :slight_smile:

They both look GORGEOUS! How far is Bacardi Island from POP? We’ll be leaving our kids at the resort with the in-laws, no doubt, so it doesn’t have to be kid-friendly. Some reviews of Paradise Island on TA make the bus ride and speedboat ride sound terrible, but it is TA, so I am taking it with a grain of salt. :wink:

Any help would be very much appreciated. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hi Gaitergal, both trips are worth the money but this time of year I would go to Bacardi Island as you get the chance to see the humpback whales in the bay then you go to the island where you can swim sunbath and have lunch. It is a longer day but worth it. If you really just want to snorkel then Paradise is nearer and possibly has more underwater to look at.

Just my thoughts on these two trips, Cheers Amandalou :-*

Another thought that’s just hit me when seeing where you are staying is a day trip to Sosua, then everyone could go, all look at the shops, lounge on the beach and snorkel as they wish.

Also… the beach just off the Gran Ventana, a short stroll from your hotel has a nice little reef that you can snorkel over.

Bye again!!

Thanks, Amandalou! :slight_smile:
We stayed at the GV two years ago and the beach there was really nice. We’ve done Sosua twice and it is also excellent, so we may just go this route again. :slight_smile:

Thanks, presidentebeer :slight_smile: