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Bachata vs Mambo Rooms?

Has anyone stayed at both the Riu Mambo and Bachata? My question . . . are the Bachata rooms enough of an upgrade to justify a (fairly small) price difference?

We stayed at the Mambo last year and LOVED IT! I personally prefer the Mambo end as I’m a beach lover and I found it larger/nicer. This year another couple will be coming with us and I know that they will want full-on air conditioning . . . the one thing that I found a bit lacking at the Mambo. If the Bachata rooms are worth it, I can always walk down the beach to sunbathe. Did I mention the other couple are my In-laws? :wink:

I’m torn and could use any advise someone might have.

Been to Bachata many times - just submitted my review for this year’s trip. Rooms at Bachata are getting a little worn - nothing serious, just could use some paint and freshening up. If you like the beach ( I agree it is the most sandy @ Mambo end) I would not say it is worth paying any more for Bachata. Especially since you can use all 3 resorts at any time. Only exception is dinner in the evening, which you must have at your own resort.

Bryan, you can likely help with the Mambo room question…

I was in building 17 of the Mambo (just got back Monday) and the A/C is still lacking. I put the ceiling fan on Medium and we while it wasn’t supper cool, it was cool enough to allow you to sleep. Otherwise the room was fine. Always clean, more than adequate for sleeping in - which really is all you are doing in them anyway.

My review should be submitted this weekend.

Thank you for responding. I imagine that I will book the Mambo. As I say, I very much enjoyed it last year. I was just thinking that if the Bachata rooms had better a/c it might be worth the additional cost. Of course, we could always split the difference and book the Merengue. :slight_smile: