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Bachelor party in Dominican Republic


Ok so a few of us are planning to go to the Dominican Republic for a bachelor party. We want to go somewhere that is happening and a bunch of guys can party.

We know Cancun obviously would be the better choice however we want to pass on that. Essentially we are looking for a resort in the Dominican Republic that is adults only and of course has alot of single people and not just couples who are there for the romance.

Since this will probably be a group of 15 guys, what we want to do is party with other people.

Any recomendations are definately welcomed.

First, it’s the Dominican Republic, not Dominica.
Dominica is another place entirely. I corrected it for you.


Frankly, Cancun may be a better place for you. Secrets in Punta Cana is adults only, but it’s not the kind of place you are looking for. Blue Bay Resort (previously Villas Doradas) in Puerto Plata is about to open and will be adults only. Whether it will be the happening place you want is another story.
You could consider Cabarete as well. There’s a lot of little bars and night spots there, and the place caters to windsurfers, so you’ll find a younger crowd.
Any other ideas posters?


Thanx for fixing my typos. We understand that Cancun is the preferable place, however we want to try something different. In the past we found ourselves getting rather bored by night time, this is of course in relation to resorts who cater more to couples. They seem to all go to bed early :slight_smile:

I posted in the cuba and mexico forums as well in hopes of expanding my options. Again thanx for the ideas.


I have never been to Puerto Plata but I agree with BobFromCanada, there are more bars there and a younger crowd from what I heard. I think that you are better off going to Varadero, definitely more clubs/bars for guys to party at or I would try Los Cabos, Mexico…there are lots of bars to go to there.

Punta Cana is more of a relaxing place. So if you are thinking of the DR, try Puerto Plata or Santo Domingo.


Punta Cana will not be for your group thats for sure.
Any of the Superclubs/Hedonisim resorts in Jamaica perhaps (adults only at these spots and party party party atmosphere), ummmmm, Varadero— pick a resort close to town, like the Solymar, SuperClubs, Sol,or Bella Costa (lots going on there with clubs and such and the locals), or how about Miami Beach (you’ll have a whacked out time there with the guys’, but will be $$$). If it must be the Dominican Repulbic, then Cabarete will be the clear obvious choice, go anywhere January till mid February or mid April to Summer time to avoid kids at any resort area. Pick a five star and you’ll see less kids again at any resort area. Hope this helps.


Please! Please! Please! Give some serious thought to where you are staying before you book. I would be thoroughly pissed (pardon my subtleties) if we were at an all inclusive with a bunch of guys from a bachelor party. Try a hotel in Cabarete. Just please make sure you fit the “neighbourhood” and don’t make the “neighbourhood” adapt to you.

Thanks for letting me vent.


Unles your guys idea of fun is doing the bachata or the merengue till 3 am, I don’t suggest santo domingo. I suggest either cabarete or sosua, just need to find the right hotel. If you plan on leaving the resort often you’re probably better off renting an apartment in cabarete or sosua where you can be closer to the action. The resorts tend to be a bit out of the way.


Where is the bachelorette party going to be?



Thanx for the suggestions everyone. Is there any chance you can recomend some resorts in Cabarete ?

Right now it looks like we are debating between Varadero and DR



Suggesting Hedonism resort? How much trouble do you want to get this groom-to-be into?!?!?


giggling here… ;D
Well considering that there is a pack of young guys who are looking for party party party with single people at a no kids resort, my options to suggest were limited. I’m sure the boys will indulge in a bit of Hedonistic activity whether it be in Cabarete, Vatican City or Mo-Bay Jamaica. Its a bachelor party !!! :wink: Let it all hang out fellas. Have a ball !


you boys… ::slight_smile:


What about Playa Del Carmen ? Book not all inclusive and do the clubs, and you can even go to Cancoon.


For my bachelor party, they took me to a local bar and bought me a couple of drinks. This sounds a lot better.
Have a blast


Such extravagance!
Go to the local Strip Club…have a few cocktails and a table dance…
and put the rest of the money towards the actual wedding…
and buy the Bride something nice !


never mind the bride…this is a bachelor party…your last one!!! you have the rest of your life to spoil your bride


Somebody PLEASE tell the bride, after the wedding the spoiling STOPS!! :wink: :wink:


Cozumel might be a good place! It goes all night. You can ferry into Cancun as well. Many bars and many hot night spots.


I know that this forum is suppose to be about the DR, but for a bachelor party, like I suggested before, I would seriously consider Cabo San Lucas…there are plenty of bars there!!!


Hi punisher
My thoughts are the same as jetmiss. We had a large group of late teens/early twenties turn up at the Victoria in Playa Dorada and they disrupted the whole hotel with their silly antics loud behaviour - even at the quiet pool. I bit my tongue and resisted the temptation to inform them that the quiet pool was for adults only. I’m not that old and I know that for them it was prolly their normal behaviour, but at the Victoria they were completely out of place. Please give a thought to others who may be in the DR for a relaxing holiday and book one of the traditional party places.