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Back from Decameron and Decapolis


Just back late last night.
Wonderful trip, I will post reviews of both resorts once I get a chance but both were great (each in a different way of course). We did the city and canal tour as well as a partial transit of the canal, both great. I bought my souvenir “molas” and a few other trinkets, ate and drank well with no problems. I will defintely return to Panama again in the future.
Weather was great, really hot but then you appreciate the pool and a cool cervesa…I will get my reviews done by the weekend but if anyone has any questions I can help them out. The Nolitour reps at both resorts are great as well.


I look forward to reading your review. We are leaving Feb. 20 and was wondering which tour you enjoyed more, the city canal tour or the partial transat and why? Which bldg. were you in and did you have a view? Thanks for any info.


We were in building # 10, ground floor, room 1016. Pretty good location, bottom of the stairs from lobby 1, view of the quieter pool and the ocean. We were close to the nightly entertainment but with the air conditioning on in the room you could hardly hear it. Close to the Panami buffet and a bar right at the bottom of the stairs.

Both tours were good. We took both from Panama City so that made a difference in time, if you were taking them from the Decameron they would have been quite a bit longer. The City tour/Panama Canal tour was 1/2 day and cost $45. It took us to Miraflores locks, we saw a big ship go through, saw the museum and a video then did a tour of the poorer area of the city, the rich area, the old city and a short stop at a Crafters market.
The partial transit tour was from 9-around 5, and cost $96. We went to the Gamboa resort to pick up a few people and then boarded the boat at Gatun Lake. We went through the locks then entered Miraflores lake and then through the locks to the Pacific. It can take time as you have to wait for your turn at the locks. Both tours were good but actually being on a boat that goes through the canal is something a bit more memorable.


Hello Moemoe1 & limeee, will be watching for your reviews!!!

Moe, your trip sounded great from the above. We are planning for 2007 (it was mexico this year) and I really like the idea of 10 days at decameron and 4 days in Panama. Did i read correctly that you did the canal etc, from the city itself? Also, this is the second time i seen someone in the block #10 building, did you request it? or just great luck? I think i may end up requesting just to see if we can get it. Sounds like a spot that would work the my hubby and myself, and the 4 others that would be coming with us.
Will be watching for your post!