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Back from Majestic Elegance

We returned home from the Majestic Elegance last night, had a fantastic time, elegance club room was great, food was VERY good. No major problems whatsoever. We’ll get a review put together and posted as soon as time allows. Highly recommend this resort.


The news just keeps getting better as far as the Elegance is concerned. We are headed down in Feb.

I will look forward to reading your review.



Good to hear, cant wait for the review!

Do you mind a few questions? I am going in January to the Elgance adults only section and love to know the following:

-Is the internet is the rooms up and running (for free)?
-Is there a waiter bu the beach and pool?
-Is there a wine choise that is included?

Thanks if you decide to answer!


Not sure about internet in room, we didn’t take a laptop. There are 6 Dell desktops in the Elegance club lounge free to use for adults only members.

There are waiters at the beach and pool in the elegance clup sections and of course at the main pool as well.

There is not much of a wine choice included, they have several house wines to choose from, some are pretty good and some are pretty bad. The gourmet Rest has higher end wines at a surcharge, the surcharge prices are reasonable as compared to prices in the States.

Hope this helps,


vacahunter…thanks for the positives…I look forward to your review and pictures if you have some. Just like Steeve we are going in February.

Thanks a bunch!
As I travel alone I like to regularly send a mail to my partner so internet is important to me.
Wine too, guess I will just have to get the wallet out then :slight_smile:

Nice to hear that drinks are being brought to you when enjoying the beach or pools.

Thanks again,

Our review is now posted under Debbie’s new reviews, have a look.


Great review and very thorough and we are glad you had a great vacation. I have asked southbound but will ask you also if you don’t mind.

Did you reserve the a al cartes when you arrived? How was the dress code for guys and could you explain a little more about the breakfast buffet.

Was it in another location other then the elegance club lounge?

Were you there for the pool or the beach?

Trying to get the lay of the land for when we go. ???

Thanks so much



The big full breakfast buffet is in the main buffet rest, the Sea & See has a continental a little later and the Eleg Club has a small continental also.

You reserve the a la cartes daily prior to 4 PM. Dress code is long pants, collared shirt and dress shoes. For women you’ll have to check the website.

We are pool people but walk on the beach daily.

Hope this helps.

vacahunter…great review…very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to submit it.
Steeve…I have stayed at the Maj. Col. and they have an amazing beach so I would assume that the Maj. Elegance will be the same. Beach is important to me as we are “beach people” and do not really hang around the pool a lot.

thanks vacahunter for the answers and the quick answers


pattirose…the beach north of the majestic resorts is really spectacular… 20 minutes takes you to absolute solitude…big waves and no people…awesome!

We just returned also and had a fantastic time. We were not in the elegance section but had a 1 bedroom suite which was the size of an apartment and gorgeous. It’s not number 1 now but will be. Nicest thing going now is the lack of crowds. all you had to do is walk down towards to the Bahia to realize this. Sea of people everywhere…