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Back from Playa Blanca, Cayo Largo

First, I’ll apologize for yet another thread about Playa Blanca as I see Spunky and another poster have one. Just wanted to add my 2 centavos.

We had a GREAT vacation! We still miss our favourite resort, Villa Coral but since we can’t go there now, Playa Blanca is going to be our go-to resort now. Wonderful staff, nice resort layout and decent food. Unfortunately it’s not as intimate as our favourite, but it will do. The resort was at full capacity for our week. As with any new resort to us, we went with an open mind and I can honestly that in most cases it exceeded our expectations. I thought the food was well prepared, tasty, and of decent selection. We ate at both a la cartes and while they had tasty food as well, my wife and I both thought the food wasn’t any better than the buffet. The only upside we found of the a la cartes was a more intimate setting. We found that even at full capacity, the resort ran well and we never had to wait in long line ups.

One slight downside I would say though was the beach. The last time we were in CL, the beach area at the PB, was thin, but it stretched the entire length of the resort. The beach this week started at the main walkway down to the beach (west of the ranchon). I didn’t have a problem with this as we walked west a little further the more liberal :wink: section of the beach. My concern is if the beach continues as it is; will there be enough space when the new cabanas are completed? ???

Our trip wasn’t without a few problems. A couple of days the resorts water was turned off during the day. However, this was not the resorts fault as the problem was in town. The other problem was air conditioning wasn’t working very well. Often we would return to our room to find it warmer than outside in shade and breeze. I talked to other guests who were having the same problem. One night we decided to open our window and balcony door for a beautiful breeze coming of the ocean. We never saw a bug so we never had a problem with them coming in through the open window and door. The resort seemed to understand there were many guests with these problems and comped everyone (on our flight anyway)late checkout. A nice touch I thought. Personally we never complained about any problems and took everything in stride.

All-in-all we really enjoyed our stay. The resort was able to extend to me one of my building choices I sent in an email before hand. We made new resort friends and look forward to going back next year!

Forgot to add…I’ll try to get my review in asap! :slight_smile:

On a side note…
For any of you following my injured hand saga…well, it’s not back to full use yet. I was suppose to exercise it while away which I did. The only draw back, the first day there while walking down the beach, I split the original wound open and had to limit my hand exercises to the other fingers. Also, I’m unable to bend my forefinger at the first knuckle. Still can’t use my hand to hold weight yet either. It’s all I can do just to turn the key to start the car or shift gears. I’m afraid I might need surgery.

Glad to see you had a great time at PB. Yep it is our go to resort too :slight_smile: Couldn’t agree more about the staff, they are wonderful.

Sorry…I should clarify…the beach itself wasn’t a downside, only the length of it. I know this can change even in one week. :slight_smile:

Welcome back GefM. Glad Playa Blanca didn’t disappoint. The staff and the attitude is pretty special.
Did you have a chance to walk through the former Coral? Quite a change with Bravo in charge now.

Ya Spunky, I did. What a difference some money can do! I went into stealth mode to get in there…lol Guards at every walkway from the beach. Was told by a few others that they where stopping people from coming up from the beach. I walked right up like I was a guest, waved at the guard and continued on. :sunglasses: It was nice to see all new concrete walkways, windows and patio doors and the coat of paint really helped! I walked in around 11 am and there was nobody around!! The pool was deserted and no one at the pool bar. Even the beach had very few people on it. In fact, I didn’t see any staff but the guards. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see any old friends. My wife and I are hoping that the Italians will see it’s not a money maker and allow Canadians back!!! :smiley:

We noticed the absence of people last year when we toured through. Had the place to ourselves. Then figured out it was arrival/departure day and half the guests were at the airport.
This year it was pretty busy. Nice Ranchon, eh?
Did you hear if was the same Italian group who would be managing the rest of the properties to the east through the Iguana?

Did you get to the Marina this year?

Interesting Spunky. I hadn’t thought of arrival/departure day. Very nice Ranchon! No I hadn’t heard that! Well there goes our nice secluded beach walk with the bare essentials :wink: :smiley: Ya, we did get to the marina. Had our typical pollo and papas fritas lunch. Found some peso cigars!

What are your thoughts about the extra cabanas at the PB and amount of beach to accommodate the extra bodies? I was also walking around the new cabanas and I don’t know if I would want to stay in those. It was a hot day and there wasn’t much of a breeze through there even at the ones closest to the beach. Do you think/know if they’re adding another pool there?

Glad you found some pesos.
The new Cabana property will be a “Royal” section with it’s own pool and Ranchon/bar. It’s hard to say whether Gran Caribe will complete it or when some other interested party will. Things change. There was lots of beach below and to the right the week before.
If the top of the berm is levelled a bit, there would be a better breeze. A nice bar and observation deck to complete. Front row cabanas have a good sea view from the front decks, but the back rows need their own pool area.
It will be interesting to see who takes over the old Iguana that runs right up to the old Capricho pool, now.

Hello @GefM welcome back from your vacation Playa Blanca Cayo Largo. I see you find a way to enjoy your time and good weather even with your hand injury. I am glad that everything was good and that you had pleasant time and you have been able to rest nice and good.

Here is a few photos from marina in Cayo Largo

And our “little” beach:

Good to know Spunky. We were told that Iberostar is going to be taking over/buying the PB. Have you heard that yet?

There’s nothing official yet. IB do like multi service levels.

I was also concerned about the amount of beach it will need to accommodate the extra people. Looks like we might lose some of “our” beach and be pushed more to the west side.

Did you meet the cook Gustavo at the Marina? Great guy to talked to. Very little breeze the day my wife and I went so it was extremely hot. We felt sorry for Gustavo cooking away behind the hot stoves and bought him a beer. I think we have a friend for life now :slight_smile: