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Back from the HUSA Cayo Santa Maria

Holà chicas y chicos,

Back from the HUSA Cayo Santa Maria, December 8-15th. Review will be posted in a few days. Great weather, wonderfully relaxing.

Sorry for the delay, I lost me Mum December 18th, 91 years old. She was loved.

Sorry for your loss, Zen. A good, long life. I believe the older one gets - the more love there is!

Sorry for your loss… can commiserate… lost my Dad last October, 1 month (almost to the day) after his 94th.
Looking forward to your review!
Over at TA, the HUSA is rated right at the bottom, but the few reviews I’ve read seem quite positive. (You’ll always get people knocking the food).
Stayed at the M.C.S. a few years ago, and other than the weather, we were very happy.

Please accept our condolences too, Zen. Our immediate family is getting to that stage too.