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Backroads map?

A group of buddies and myself are headed to P.O.P in January.
We would like to tour the backroads of the North Coast by motorbike.
Are there any available maps online or can we find a map when we get there?

I’ve not seen such a thing. Not only that, road markings are few and far between. Be prepared to get lost, a lot …

This site will show you a map of the country, click on the area you want and major roads are shown. http://www.dominicanimpressions.com/maps/

Don’t look for signs, they are few and far between, in between the airport and the Majestic I saw one sign pointing to Iberostars, there were no signs for Cortecito or Cabeza de Toro. You could potentially miss your turn off.

This is a better source I knew I has it saved somewhere

Thank you both.
Looks like google earth is my best resource so far.

There isn’t much in the way of maps, I have been lost and back tracked a number of times to get to the right road between POP and Santiago, it isn’t fun.

Go to DR1.com and type in North Coast maps in the search box. Tons of maps that the users have posted there, some much better than Google Earth can come up with.