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Bagage weight


Happy New year, my question , I know with S.S. what our allowance is ,but, are we still allowed to take sporting eqip. in a separte bag at no charge. We did call our travel A. and he said Total weight of 44 lbs, can be in 2 0r 3 bags but must exceed weight . Any body out there take diving suits, glof club. We are going to Punta C. and I read there are waiting to ding us. Thanks


We bring a separate bag of scuba equipment, at no charge. Here’s a link to Skyservice’s website with all the details …


Last year our kids wanted to bring boogie boards so I phoned Skyservice and they were more than willing to accommodate the boards at no extra charge. We used packing tape to secure the two boards together. The only hitch was that Skyservice said they would not insure them should they arrive damaged. The boogie boards had a safe journey to and from Punta Cana. :sunglasses: