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Baggage Allowance on West Jet


Has anyone travelled to Puerto PLata lately on West Jet, and if so what was the baggage allowace? They state on their website that it is 27Kg or 60Lbs. Is this correct, or is it the standard 20Kg?


When WestJet charters their aircraft I believe the baggage allowances are set by the company which charters the aircraft and I believe you will find that the allowance will be 20 Kg. The other allowance is the WestJet scheduled service allowance.



Gregg is correct as usual since we fly with West Jet all the time to the DR and they allow 20kg. in luggage. :sunglasses:


What location does WestJet fly from… I’d love to travel that way


Thanks to Gregg and Stillgotit for the info, we will pack accordingly.


In this particular case we are flying out of Toronto. However it depends on the tour operator, they may also depart from other destinations.


If you do not want the stress of having to park in a huge lot, pay a lot to do so, drive in horrible traffic then a nice alternative would be to fly with West Jet out of Hamilton’s airport where there is plenty of parking, little traffic and no long line-ups and the luggage counter :sunglasses:


The original plan was to drive to Toronto, but was lucky enough to get a seat sale from Timmins. Works out cheaper that driving. The biggest hassle will be to change terminals from 1 to 3. Flight from Timmins gets in @ 07:30 hrs and Westjet out @ 10:50 hrs. Should get us there early enough to get decent seats.