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Baggage question 20kg (44lbs) baggage


hi everyone
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one question about luggage how many pieces are you allowed to check in? 1 piece 20kgs(44lbs) or 2 pieces totaling 20kgs (44lbs)? and i am bringing some pencils and stuff for the schools down there do i need to declare them at check in that they in my luggage?

thanks for your help

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You are allowed 2 pieces of checked baggage for a total weight of 20 kg. Best to put the school supplies in your checked luggage. Two years ago, when we flew to Cuba with Squishservice, we received prior written approval to bring an extra 40 pounds of โ€œhumanitarian goodsโ€ at no extra charge, but I understand that Air Transat does not permit this!!


Yes, the normal allowance is two pieces, total weight 20 kg (44 lbs). Thatโ€™s per person.
If you have a waiver, then then the limit is increased. In my case, I have a waiver for an additional 20 kg. They normally ask for it to be packed separately, but no one has specifically asked about that at check in. Then again, five bags is more than I want to handle anyway. We usually end up with three bags (one for me, one for my wife and one for the school supplies).
Some caveats:
(1) One bag can be over 20 kg and the other one under, so long as the total doesnโ€™t exceed 40 kg. BUT, and this is a big one, the heavy bag cannot exceed 28 kg (62 lbs) or they can refuse to carry it.
(2) The waiver is only good for the trip down. You have to make allowance for the weight of the empty suitcase making the return trip.
(3) Sporting goods are still carried free of charge within reasonable limits. These must be packed separately. Donโ€™t be tempted to put other stuff in there because they frequently check.
(4) With the price of fuel, they are becoming increasingly stringent on the baggage weight and charge excess baggage fees regularly. That pretty well reflects how much fuel it uses to carry that weight to the destination. Iโ€™m surprised they still carry sporting goods outside your normal allowance.


I havenโ€™t heard anything on my carry-on limits for Air Transat. Will it still be 10kg/22lb over & above my 20kg/44lb checked? I just measured my new tote & it is 7x13.5x22"(wheels & handles included) Do you think I better look to find something smaller since I believe 9x13x20 is the max? I know if they make me check it I will be over the 44 lb. Any suggestions?


I thought the carry- on was 5kg or 10lbs! I know the checked luggage is 20kg or 44lbs. The carry-on has to fit under the seat or over the seats and I have never seen anyone with a carry-on with wheels going south. When I travel in Canada I do have a large carry-on with wheels for Valet service.


I know those totes with wheels are quite large and I doubt they will fit under the seat. They know this too and will take a real close look at anything with wheels on it.
To be safe, Iโ€™d get a smaller bag.
I have had the carry on bag weighed โ€ฆ
5 kg isnโ€™t very much. ::slight_smile:


i have a small carry on with wheels and handles and it measures are within limits. i even checked it out at my travel agent to see if it fits in that device the airport uses to see if it is to size. so just check it out befor you go