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They usually expect the sporting equipment to be packed separately. This is so that they can see that it really is sporting equipment and not bottles of Brugal …


And there sure is a lot of people who try and put their rum in the sports equipment. I can think of one…me. However I also have been caught doing it also. Bad idea :sunglasses:


Travelpro Walk-About Lite is great luggage and much more lightweight than my old samsonite.
Last year on the way TO DR, my suitcase was overweight by a 5-6 pounds due to a small amt of school supplies. American let it go…on The return American CLAIMED my luggage was overweight (couldnt have been - same stuff, no souvenirs, no school supplies.) I had to pay about $30 for overweight. Much as I HATE to do it, I may have to take TWO suitcases this year (April 07 for Sunscape CDM).


That happened to us too - but with Mexico. We were way under our limit going there, and only bought 3 towels as souveniers - nothing else, and we were over weight by 15 lbs i think - we paid 54 dollars!! It was ridiculous…especially since we were at least 24 lbs under going there…


Interestingly enough, our luggage weighed in 10 kg UNDERWEIGHT on our return from Punta Cana in December. It should have been about 36 kg, but weighed in at 25.6 kg.


We are struggling now to manage our luggage weight for our departure tomorrow. Biggest rant I have is with the carry-on luggage. American Tourister weighed 7lbs EMPTY & when I placed 2 pr light pants, 3 shirts, roll duct tape & small book in it, the weight was now 14lbs…I don’t think so!! And SkyService only allows 5kg (11lbs) for carry-on! Thank goodness the duffle bag only weighs 2lbs when empty…it’s a no-brainer as to which one I will now use.


Is duct tape allowed in your carry-on?


I don’t see why not, but then again I can’t see why you would want it with you …

In response to some PMs I got, I meant why in your carry on? Of course, I have a roll in my checked luggage … If I add some WD40 and my swiss army knife, I can fix almost anything … ;D




We just returned from the Dominican. We were overweight a couple pounds on the way down. They were so backed up they let it go without charging us. On the way back we were 4 kgs over each. They were going to charge us $40 per person but when we started taking things out to move to our carry-on they said never mind and let it go again. Not once did we have our carry-on luggage weighed.


Here’s my how to get extra baggage through PUJ story:

Last April we were over a bit (they claimed at least) and wanted to charge me $25US for being overweight. I said no money it will have to be a credit card, but they wanted cash - I said NO MONEY and started to hand them my VISA card when a light came on in my head; I stopped and traded cards and offered them my American Express Card instead - insisted on a receipt, which I watched as they prepared and now some 9 months later I am still waiting for this charge to appear on my Amex bill. Something tells me that this is even slow for DOMINICAN TIME - LOL.



how should I pack our snorkel equipment to avoid having to count this weight? I usually jam it all in the checked luggage but it seems to take alot of room and add a fair bit of weight.


Okay maybe I’m a bit shall we say…type a…but I pack a scale. Its worth the couple of pounds to weigh everything in my hotel room and to see that each item is under the limit. Also, if they try the old “well… missy your luggage is overweight…” scam, I’ll whip out my trusty scale and weight it myself. I will not pay overage fees (unless I’m supposed to and get caught).



Pack it in a separate sports bag and check it with the rest of your checked luggage. Just don’t let them add it to the weight. Of course, I’m assuming that the amount you will be taking is “reasonable”.