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Bahai estella


I have seen the pictures of viva samana posted but have not seen pictures of estella I know they are side by side We will be there in march for 2 weeks & was curious about the grounds the rooms the beach etc. any info on this resort would be appreciated thanks


Willy - Sunquest has a few photos of the resort on their site. The two hotels are supposed to be about 500 mtrs apart that you use to beach to walk to that is apparently well lit.

Right now there are a few people on a different forum that are trashing the Estela and are launching complaints with Sunquest on it. I’ve also read that Sunquest has sent a Product Specialist to the area to investigate the claims. Hope to have more info next week.

There is a group of 28 of us going in Feb to the Estela so I’m hoping what I’ve read so far is just growing pains and will be taken care of before I get there.

Also - if you look for other threads on the Bahia Estela one of them has a link to some pictures that a iluv2dive took in October when she was at the VW Samana.



I noticed your post… here is the link to some of our photos. The shots of the BahiaE are at the beginning…



luv - you missed the link. :slight_smile:



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Thanks bryan



too bad, can’t view this is the message we got

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I had no problem getting it either.


I can’t view them either… :-/ Getting the same message as wud.

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I saw them…
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For those of you who are unable to see the photos, mr. iluv2dive will make it public. He is doing the dishes right now (he spoils me on the weekends), and will fix the problem later. I will let you know.



The album has been made public… hope it works.



thanks for the replies what ever the complaints were I hope they being taken care of Did it have to do with the food or drinks ,room cleaness pool,or the beach Sure hope its nothing serious We will be there in march


Willy - When in March? I’ll be back Feb 27th and will be submitting a review to Debbie hopefully within a week. I’ll gladly let you know how my trip goes.

FYI - Sunquest has downgraded the resort from a 4+ star to a 3.5 star resort. They’ve also made a few changes to what is available, so I’d suggest you look this resort up on their website.


thanks Bryan we arrive in Samana March 3rd looking forward to hear from you If the beach is nice & we can go on long walks,the pool & the rooms are clean,good booze & food also a village nearby we will be happy Is there a room 3rd floor ocean view or ocean front? Well Bryan thats our shopping list lol thanks again Bill & Penny


Wicked - Change of plans. Due to a drop in ratings for this hotel we have moved our party to the Casa Marina Bay resort.

Sorry I won’t be able to help you.


On the advice from our travel agent we are canceling our booking & getting a full refund from sunquest


Hello All
Just stumbled on this site while trying to find some answers about the Samana area, and specifically this Bahia Estela resort. Our friends have booked a week here via their timeshare plan but did so without doing any research whatsoever. My husband and I have been invited along-without knowing (1) what airport to fly into [from US] (2) what the transportation options are from whatever airport to this resort (3) as this is not a charter, what else we should expect once we get there, if we get there!?

Our friend keeps getting these crazy ideas–we live in Wisconsin and he wants to drive to Toronto to take a charter flight. If we didn’t do that and had to make connections in the US, he thought we could rent a car in the DR if we had a long trip from airport to resort. Neither of these ideas are appealing to me.

I’ve been to Jamaica a few times, and knowing the lay of the land and the people I would have no worries about getting around outside the charter groups there, but I can’t imagine 4 people trying to get around the DR; American, and knowing little Spanish.
I have tried unsuccessfully getting info from the resort via email. A bookmark that I had made a few months ago now claims that this resort is part of the Viva Wyndam, maybe that just happened recently from reading the posts here.
So, my long round about question is – is this trip worth the headaches?? It doesn’t sound like it’s too nice and I did look at the photos posted by luv2dive, but it sure looks empty there.
So, I’ll check back here in a few days, but I think I may have made up my mind already. thanks!


Welcome to the board. I’m one of the ones that was supposed to go to the Estela but opted to change resorts. Based on input from people who have been there lately and the fact that the tour operators down graded the star rating we were given the option to move which we did. Based on reading this and other forums, most people are opting to change hotels or cancel the reservations altogether.

Flying from the states you’d have to go into POP or Punta Cana and drive as no US carrier flies to the new El-Catey airport in the Samana area.

I’m sure someone else would be able to provide alternate routes to the area from other entry points.