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Bahai principe p.p

I am canadian & like my beer I have had presidente & like it but i thought i read the beer on tap at this resort was awful I’m sure i will survive but has anyone else had a problem with this

It’s delicious!!! No worries…and the beer that is placed in your fridge daily, if you are in the golden section(I forget the name of it)is awesome too!!


From what I remember the beer at the Bahia is Quesquaya (not exactly sure of the spelling). I have had it in the country side out of bottles…ONCE, and won’t again.

Sorry to tell you, the BPRSJ serves QUISQEYA :stuck_out_tongue: - one of the world’s worst and most vile beverages. I’m not a beer snob, but it’s awful. Amazingly, no two bottles taste quiet the same, but they’re all bad. I couldn’t finish a single bottle, and trust me, I tried! While there’s much that was good at the resort, the BPRSJ’s cheapy, cheapy, cheapy selection of beer and rum - no Brugal, or Barcelo - just an economy rum called Columbus which I think is a Brugal product is the major reason why I would never return. Just thinking about QUISQEYA turns my stomach. You can purchase Prersidente at the lobby store for abourt $2 or you can also buy it from the vendors who are set up just east of the resort property. ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

We have to agree with Shadow. The beer on tap rates with one of the world’s worst, at least for Canadians who are used to a lot better. Last winter, the beer provided in your room was Brugal, which was OK if extremely cold. We opt to ignore the “free” beer and, instead, purchase the wonderful Presidente.

That has to be a typo. I assume you mean Bohemia or Brahma. Brugal is a rum… ;D

Not a typo, Bob. I was just testing how long it would take for you to pick up on it. It was Brahma. All I know is it started with “B”… but, then again, so does "b"eer… and, in the Dominican, most of the beer is insulting. On the other hand, there’s Presidente.