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Bahai Principe San Juan

Good morning… My beau and I are heading to the Bahai Principe San Juan this Wednesday. Although I have been to numerous all inclusives throughout the years, this is his first trip to one… so the pressure was on me to find a great spot :slight_smile: We both are not too picky about the accomodations or the food aspect, just a great lively place where we could kick back to the wee hours of the night. (we already bought our Babbas from Canadian Tire)
I have a couple of questions I was hoping someone could help me with. Can we buy beer on the bus going to the resort or should be pick it up once we clear customs? Any tips on buying American cigs - should we pick them up at the airport or at the resort? I heard that the beer is preety vile at this resort? Also, any luck on getting drinks other than with rum (say Vodka)? One last question, I heard that there is a piano bar… anyone try it out? Can you get an after-dinner drink there? thanks a bunch.

There is no beer sold on the bus although SOME guides will ask the driver to stop in Cabarete while she takes orders and goes into a store to get it for you.

American cigs are about $4 a pack at the resort. They are much cheaper off resort. As for buying at the airport, they are around $22 a carton in duty free as you leave the DR. I don’t know what the price is over the counter.

Beer-on-tap at the resort is pretty bad. The cans of beer left in your room daily are okay as long as they are very cold. However, if you want decent beer. buy Presidente. It’s worth paying for and it’s available in the hotel gift shop (main lobby).

Vodka? Yes! Black and White Russians flow freely at the Bahia.

Yes, there is a piano bar (overlooking the beach volleyball area) and yes you can drink there after-dinner.

I have read several posts on this site and others where people indicate that you can buy beers for the journey at the airport - before you board your bus.

We were at the bahia san juan for our daughter’s wedding dec 18th. We bought beer at the airport before we loaded the bus to head to the resort. Our wedding party of 17 had our own bus, so it was quite the party before we even got to the resort.