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Bahia Ambar - Just returned

Just returned from our 2 weeks at the Ambar and it was great! One of the best! Review and pics to follow soon.

That is great to hear, we are headed out of the deep freeze and snow piles in Toronto on Feb 20th for 2 wonderful weeks at the Ambar. Can’t wait to read your review.

I was wondering if you can get Canadian Whiskey at no extra charge on the resort. I have heard people paying up to $13.00 US per drink. Can you confirm this? I do know Baileys is included.

Sigh, we have 78 days still to go for 2 weeks at the Ambar. Leaving April 16th.

Bailey’s is included. When we were there last year, they told us that it was extra. But having said that, we were bumped over from the Punta Cana side so perhaps that is what the problem was.

Not sure about the Can Whiskey but I think it was there! They did have Scotch Whiskey included so I would think Can Whiskey would be too. And yes Bailey’s was included but alot of this stuff is only at the Ambar lobby bar and not anywhere else. It is on the shelves at the other sections but it is an extra charge there. I think this is where it can get confusing for some people. If you were over at one of the other restaurants or went over to the shops or shows and asked at the bar there you would be told it was not included.

My apologies, I didn’t explain well enough. We were originally booked at the Bahia Punta Cana and then they “bumped” us due to overbooking to the Ambar, so I guess it was the color of the bracelets. It should have been VIP bracelets as it was our 4th time to a Bahia resort (so their rules go). Will make sure that happens this year, but then again we have booked the Ambar side, so all the perks are included.

So looking forward to going, tired of this winter already…

looking forward to your review and pics…

Wondering if they are still as picky on stuff like the long pants at the buffets, the t-shirts, filling bubba’s etc…any info you can pass along will be greatly appreciated!!

Regarding appropriate dress for the buffets…

Shorts and T’s okay for breakfast/lunch in the Lobby Buffet. No wet beachware allowed.

Beachware fine for the buffet near the pool.

Pants, collared shirt, closed toed shoes for dinner in the buffet or al a cartes. Having said that I have noticed a relaxing of the rules in the buffet from time to time so you might get away with dress shorts and golf shirt.

May 08 they would not fill Bubbas. They would give you as much as you wanted to fill them yourself. However a few recent posts have suggested they are relaxing this rule as well.

Review is now posted!

Sackie, I am going back to the Ambar this year and I noticed that you went to the Punta Cana Princess, which did you like better & why, I was considering PCP for next year.


Excellent review. Having been there myself, you hit the nail on the head.
Anyone considering the BP Ambar should have all questions answered by your review.

Maritimegirl - I really couldn’t choose between the two - they both were great and both had pluses. I would return to either one in a minute. The Ambar would be more upscale and quiet. There is an amination team at the PCP and they could be annoying at times esp in the lobby in the evenings - the Ambar is more laid back in the lobby. The PCP however did not require reservations for the onsite 4 a la cartes which we really liked. Both were a good size and both gave you access to the sister resorts. The PCP also had a much better selection of international drinks and at all the bars.

Garym - thanks for the support - they are fun to write and I try to write them based on what I like to know about a resort. To me the reviews that say everything was perfect or everything sucked - do not tell me a thing. No place is perfect and no place completely sucks!