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Bahía Estela


Does anyone have any information on this resort? I’ve done a search of the boards for the last 30 days and nothing, and there are no reviews on Debbies either.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.



It is listed in one of the travel books as a four and a half resort. Forty minutes from the new Samana airport and ten minutes from town.
AI includes domestic drinks,24-hour all inclusive,several bars, low fat food corner, all the usual things in the room such as AC, 1 queen bed, hair dryer,in room safe and the choice of views from your room. You also can stay at one and play at two with the other resort being the Viva Wyndham.
With it being a four and a half star resort IMHO it must be excellent resort to go to in Samana. After all Samana is a beautiful part of the DR.
Don’t know if you have this info. or not but thought I would post it just incase you didn’t :sunglasses:


oh,maybe it is the new resort that opened last year and that is the reason you are getting nothing on it,to new,it is close to the viva wyndham so you could stay at one and play at two… it is a beautiful area but let’s hope this is the last al they build or they will just ruin the beauty of the area…


Thanks for the info. I had seen the Sunquest write up, but was hoping that one of the members had been to it. The brochure doesn’t say it’s new (or when it opened) so I’m not sure about it. Has anyone stayed at VW Samana lately? If so did you visit this place?

Thanks again.


I tried to book the Bahia Estela on-line and it was not available until the end of Dec. so I would assume that this must be a new or refurbished resort. Of course I could be wrong but found it very curious that a person could not book it until near the :sunglasses: :sunglasses: end of the year


Hi Bryan,

We will be there on Oct 15. Flight out of Montreal. Could take a peek for you.


Thanks! I look forward to your return.

The TA called Sunquest about it and told her they had no other info on it.


iluv2dive - What hotel are you staying at while you are there? I hope this place isn’t out of your way.

I just saw on holidayhouse.ca that this resort is scheduled to open on November 1/06. That would explain the lack of information on it.



We will be staying at the VW Samana. I read somewhere that the two hotels are about 500m apart. I booked our trip thru Selloffvacations $914pp. Prices go up November 1 when the new airport opens. So you won’t have the 3.5 hour bus ride.


Si dios quiere.



The two resorts are suppose to share facilities between them, so if there are querks because it’s a new resort, we can always use the facilities at VW Samana.

Hope you enjoy your trip.


Thanks. I hope the diving is good.


Iluvtodive we will be at the estela in mar. we have booked the family suite for 2 weeks could you let us know if the room has ocean view & what room you reccomend thanks


iluv2div - Hope your trip was great. Did you by any chance have a chance to take a look at the Estela?





I guess we didn’t pick a good week… wind was from the north. Water too rough for their small boats to go out. Checked out two dive shop… no luck. The day we left the weather was beautiful, water was calm and crystal clear. Have lots of pics for you, I just have to get my hubby to upload them to webshots.com. Our Signature rep said the rooms at the Bahia E were nicer than at the Viva. Probably true from what I could see. When we visited the Bahia there was absolutely no one there. The place was deserted except for the security guard. The food at the Viva was very good, for a 3 star. We enjoyed the A La Carte restaurants as well.



Not sure about the rooms… we only walked around the grounds.


Thanks for the info. Can’t wait to see the pictures.



Here are some pics of the Bahia Estela and Viva Samana.



Thanks! They look great!


I’ve had the chance to read two very differing views on this resort on another travel forum and I’m hoping that some of the members from Debbies who have gone or will be going shortly will submit reviews for all to see.

I’m anxious to read what people think of this and other resorts in the Samana area.