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Bahia in 5 days - how early to get a shady sunbed?

Hi there - I am off to the GBP in 5 days and wondered how early I would need to get up to get a sunbed with some shade by the beach and pool? I am fair skinned so can’t stay in the sun all day.

Many thanks


Oh I’m envious - we still have to wait until 2 months before we get there. Will look forward to hearing about you stay there when you get back.

The Bahia has plenty of Palapa’s and lot’s of Palm trees on the beach to lay under.
We were there in May and never had a problem. This is a busier time now, but I would think between 8 & 9 and you should not have a problem. ENJOY !!!

PS That’s the beach area, the pool area fills up quicker.

We will be there in 2 days! I concur with garym. You don’t have get up too early to get a palapa on the beach. The central area near the pool and beach bar fills up earlier, but at 9:00 am, or even later, there should still be palapas available in the beach areas to the sides of the main pool. And the resort has always been at full occupancy when we were there.

I would say 7- 8:00 am for shady spots around the pools.

We were at the Bahia Ambar exactly a year ago (I think we came home Feb 18, 08). I’m also fair skinned so we got up pretty early (8am) to do the chair saving thing. I know, I know, chair saving has it’s issues but it was the only way we could ensure that I could get shade. We left a book, some T shirts, shoes, towels etc. and were never disturbed. We stayed almost exclusively at the Ambar private beach area. I didn’t check out the GBP Bavaro/Punta Cana side at that time in the morning but when I’d go for a walk past there by 10am, it looked very busy. If you want shade by the pool (at least the Ambar side where we were at), you had to be up, it seemed before dawn. I got up as early as 7am (I think sunrise is about 15 minutes after that) and every shaded area at the pool was taken. We joked that we thought that insiders had bribed the pool guys to hold the spots for them!

always the chair game eh?.. Glad to hear that there are lots at the beach in the Ambar section…as we spend most of the daytime on the beach…tend to use the pool area later in the day when the shade isn’t as much an issue…

We have never played that game during any trip down there and consider it very rude to suppose you have any more rights to a certain spot than the next vacationer. If the palapas are all taken when we show up around 10 a.m, we just sit under a tree (and NO saving your spot when you go for lunch either) Leave the competitive rat-race at home. -

to each their own, I guess Rick.

its not rude to get up at 6am to save a chair and use if for the day…when I go to eat lunch I don’t think that I should have to lose or give up my seat…I was up early and have been their all day…if you stroll down at 10am…then that’s your choice…

I do agree though that those that “save” their chairs and don’t use them all day is not fair and should not be tolerated…

I do find it annoying if someone saves a palapa and never uses it all day. I’d get up at 7/7.30 and save a palapa and go back to bed (alas burning the candle at both ends by partying it up at the Pueblo Principe), we’d then get up and get breakfast and then spend the whole day under that palapa (except for lunch of course). If we switched to the pool or did some activity, then we’d give up the palapa…I think that’s fair enough.

Sometimes people misplace their things,so they just have to be moved aside so that you can sit down!lol