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Bahia principe ambar

Can someone tell what is the deal on Ambar guests using the amenities at the other bahia principe resorts? We are staying at the Ambar next week and I have read that we are able to use the restaurants, bars and pools within the Bahia Principe complex, but other info tells me that it is no longer accessible to us.


last I have heard the only thing we can’t use on the other side is the buffet’s…other than that, it’s all good.

There was a review just posted from like a week ago, and that was still the case…can’t imagine it changed that quick?!

When we were there just a couple weeks ago - we had access to everything but the Gourmet a la cartes at the PC and Bavaro sections. You do have access to the bars on the regular side but that does not give you access to the same drinks that you get at the Ambar - they may have Bailey’s at the other bars but the only place you can get it without a fee is the Ambar. All the a la cartes have to booked - no matter which section you are in.