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Bahia Principe Check In

Friends of mine are going to the Bahia in January and heard they do the check in on the bus, does anyone here know if this is true?

Thanks, Hula

I was there in January 2006 and check in and arm bands, room assignments were all done on the bus. Headed directly to our room with the luggage guy after we got off the bus.

Worked out great.

thanks wud, that is what I thought but was not sure and didn’t want to give them the wrong information.

We were just there last week, we stayed at the Ambar section. We flew with Air Transat and I don’t know if that makes a difference, but we did not check in on the bus. In fact, it was quite confusing, the bus dropped us off at the Bavaro lobby, and it took a while for the Ambar guests to figure out that we needed to catch a shuttle over to our section. Once we did, check in was very efficient and we were taken to our rooms right away. We arrived around 1:00 pm and thought we might have to wait until 3:00 pm but our rooms were ready. Any other questions, I would be happy to answer.
It is a fabulous resort and we had a really nice vacation.

Things do change in the DR, day to day and week to week, one never knows!

Is there alot for children they have a daughter 8 and a son 1 1/2.

We are off to the Ambar and some of the reviews I have read do mention doing the checkin on the bus. We were looking to maybe try the Taxi thing this year to the resort but if they do the checkin on the bus it probably would not be to our advantage to do so, so we will stick to the bus for another year. Have an idea that our checkin pack would be on the bus and even if we arrived at the resort early with a Taxi we’d have to wait for the bus to return with our checkin info.

In our 3 stays there we have never had checkin on the bus. We have booked through different tour operators each time- Signature, Sunquest and AC. Could be that Transat does things differently, or there might be other factors that necessitate this under some circumstances.

Hit and Miss …

Been 3 times since May 2007, each time with Air Transat …

Stayed “Golden Club” May 2007 … check in on bus

Stayed “Ambar” Mar 2008 … no check in on bus

Stayed “Ambar” Nov 2008 … check in on bus

Perhaps it might depend on what time you are checking in.

In May 2007 we booked Gold Club and arrived around 7PM. We were checked in on the bus beforehand.

In May 2008 we booked Ambar and arrived around 9:30PM. We were not checked in on the bus beforehand.

Bus check in is great but it really wasn’t that much trouble checking in ourselves at the lobby.

Having said that…it was May… it wasn’t the peek season…so there were less people to check in as a result.

Hi We were at the Bahia for the past two years. There was NO check in on the bus. However we were staying in the Golden club both times and we checked in right away in"style" through the Golden Club. They set everything up for us for the week. They were always there when we needed anything. I think after talking to others the bus check in depends on who you booked you trip through. As far as the children, their kids club seemed to be quite popular. Hope this helps. They will have a great time it’s a wonderful resort.- Talli

Just came back on Dec 7 from the Bahia Principe. There was no check in on the bus for any of the hotlels

Hi Everyone… I was there in May 2007 and YES we had check-in on the bus. I remember this clearly because when you travel with children whatever makes your trip easier you always tend to remember…And this made it much easier…