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Bahia Principe Coba

Top of the evening to ya. Has anyone here been to the Bahia Principe Coba or Tulum since they changed the rules for the a la carte and buffet?

To clarify, you now only have access to the restaurants located specifically at your resort. You still have access to all 3 sections of the resort and their amenities but not the restaurants.

Just looking for some feedback from repeaters as to how this would change things at the resort. ???

Thanks in advance,


This is a new rule since my last visit chuck355, but if that is the way things are, I’d book the Tulum section “IMHO”.
Coba is the newest section of the resort, but it is also inland away from the beach (no view). Tulum is closer to the Hacienda and has the “gooder” restaurants…once again “IMHO”.

Jake, eh

When did this rule start?
We were there in the beginning of November, and were allowed to eat at all the restaurants…
that’s too bad…
We were only allowed 3 a la cartes, though…
I think I would stay in The Akumel section next time…

Thank you for your reply and input. Air Canada Vacations has this posted on their site.

According to some of the recent reviews I’ve read on many of the travel sites, this hasn’t seem to have been implemented yet?

Effective Nov 1/08, guests will only have access to the Buffet & Gourmet restaurants of their respective hotel excluding those within the complex. However, they will continue to enjoy access to all of the services and facilities of the Gran Bahia Principe Coba with the exception of the a la carte restaurants.

Guess we’ll see on January 15th.



WE stayed at the Akumel, and loved the food there! The Coba was only being built when we were there in 2005.

We stayed in November and I also travelled with Air Canada, but they only gave us 3 ala cartes, we were allowed to eat at any buffets and we booked at the Tulum Gourmet, the Mexican and the Akumal Italian. They did not charge us for the safe which is the only thing they seem to change when we were there. I could easily stay at Tulum and only eat there but I did not really enjoy the Mexican restaurant.

Just got a reply from some friends in high places and as for now re the resaurants and the buffets everything is as in the past. You can eat at all buffets and most restaurants of all three sections. There is some talk in the head offices of Spain to change things to having to stay in your prospective sections for eating but it is not official as of yesterday.

Great to hear Terry. Thanks for the information.


chuck355, you’re gonna love this place…it is amazing, great food, drinks, people and lots to do, or nothing to do as well :D.
Have a ball and don’t forget to get sized for your Bahia Nut T-Shirt ;D :wink:

Jake, eh

PS…that’s great news about being able to eat pretty well where you want, although we found the “goodest” spots were right on the Tulum site.

Hello all. Me, my wife and son are very lucky in that we get to go to Mexico in 2 weeks for the very first time and stay at this hotel. We were looking for info and pictures and just a general guide on the whole experince. We were warned about the airport and the craziness there, but anything else that we should know about would be appreciated. Some poster said it wasen’t on the beach, but is it close. And after 11 pm, do the bars close or do you pay for drinks after that?
Any help would be appreciated.
(3 newfs in alberta, going to Mexico instead of the rock, go figure)

Don’t worry billard, you can still get a drink after 11pm :D, the beach grill on the Tulum side, is open 24hrs. Coba isn’t too far from the beach, and you can hope on the shuttle or just take a walk down…probably only take a few minutes. I’ll drop you some more info later.

Jake, eh

Hey Jake I am not sure but I think Coba has a 24hr spot. Don’t usually go to that section but I am sure someone who has stayed in that section can confirm this.

That’s great news for the people staying at Coba, as it is quite a hike form there down to the beach bar over at the Tulm section. Plus it would be a much futher hike back :smiley: ;).

Jake, eh

Yeah the snack bar at the Coba section stays open 24hrs. Its far too convenient to call in for a beer and a hamburger on the way back to your room. But is nice if you don’t want to be bothered with the trip over to the Hacienda.

Ohhh JJay, you had to mention the hamburger, sigh, can taste them now.