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Bahia Principe - opening times of pool/beach bars

Hi there - does anyone know what time the pool/beach bars open in the morning?

Many thanks


10 am, that was 2 years ago

We were there in May. Wud is right, it was 10 am. for the bars.

10AM is kickoff time at the pool/bars.

Having said that you can grab a champagne and orange juice or Bloody Mary as you enter the buffets on most mornings if you so desire.

You’ll love the Bahia.

Enjoy your holiday!

Thanks everyone!

Wow, I didn’t realise they did champagne at the buffets, thats great, I’m quite partial to a Bucks Fizz! :wink:

Bucks Fizz. Well, I had to look that one up …
Orange juice and champagne.
Just like a Mimosa (1:1 ratio), only a bit more orange juice (2:1 ratio).

[quote=@bobfromcanada]Bucks Fizz. Well, I had to look that one up …
Orange juice and champagne.
Just like a Mimosa (1:1 ratio), only a bit more orange juice (2:1 ratio).[/quote]

Sorry - thats British for champagne and orange juice!
I’ve heard of a Mimosa but didn’t realise it was nearly the same as a Bucks Fizz! You learn something new every day …! ;D

When are you going - will be there feb 19 - 26

Just got back from Bahia Principe Ambar.

Really, I didn’t notice that the bar wasn’t open by about 9am! Ha!
Actually, we brought mini bottles, a bottle of Grey Goose and a couple of bottles of wine from home. So, if the bar wasn’t open, we grabbed some o.j. and poured in the Goose!
The Goose was loose by 9a.m.!! Hey…I was on vacation!? Right!?

Take a big Thermal mug and big plastic cups/glasses, and they’ll fill them to the brim! And they don’t even give you the evil eye.

Have fun!!

I am more concerned about the closing of the pool and the bars ;D…I hear the bar closes at 11pm sharp and they remove the seat cushions before you have finished your last drink…

Perhaps db2pk can comment on this and also what time the pool closes…I am assuming around 6 like most other places from what I remember?

Pools close at 6 and the bars close at 11.
There is an area at the casino and disco that the bars are open until 3.
Have fun.

And if you still have not had enough when the disco closes at 3am there is the late night snack bar in the resorts public square serving draft and hamburgers until 8am then the buffet opens for a mimosa!!! Cheers

And if you still haven’t had enough…the bar fridge in the room is usally stocked with a couple of Presidentes.

Liqour as well if you get the room upgrades!!!

Hi Darhol - I’m afraid we will be back by the time you go - going 22 Jan to 4 Feb. Have a great time!

I thought I read somewhere else that they WOULDN’T fill up insulated mugs …?

Room upgrades? Are all the rooms not the same in the Ambar section?

I believe the rooms in the Ambar are the same.

I was refering to the upgrade options on the PC and Bavaro sides.

I read the same thing…they implemented that rule last summer…but it seems like that may not be the case any longer??!
As someone who loves their bubba…and no, its not the keg size ;D, I am hoping they fill them. The plastic cups get warm so quick and what a waste for the environment!