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Bahia Principe Puerto Plata, Advice?


We are new to this forum and avid Cuba travellers who decided to enjoy a trip to Puerto Plata. We have been to this destination before, as a matter of fact we spent our honeymoon at JackTar almost 22yrs. ago! Anyway we would appreciate any and all suggestions regarding the Bahia Principe. What is nearby to enjoy, how far to Puerto Plata etc. etc.??? We enjoy getting off the resort for a nice lunch any suggestions? A catamaran trip would be enjoyable?? Thanks for the help!!



Reviews can be read here http://www.debbiesdominicantravel.com/travel16.html

from my standpoint I feel the resort is too remote but to each his own.


Thankyou senor del madero
We have read many of the reviews, but are hoping for more personal insights and suggestions to this area of the DR, not just off the cuff comments. Thanks again!



Hello Fred & Tracie: You will get many personal insights, both good & bad, from this forum on BPRSJ. From me, I only have good things to say about it. Hubby & I have stayed at BPRSJ twice, Jan. 2003 for 1week in the Club Hacienda section, which is now Club Golden and again Jan. 2004 for 2 weeks in the regular hotel section. What we liked about the resort is 1) it is a bit remote 2) the resort is clean, well looked after 3) the staff is wonderful & will do anything to make your stay memorable 4) the food in the main buffet restaurant was excellent with much variety 4) the beach, although not white sand, is clean with lots of area available to lay on a lounger or just to walk.

The maids did a marvelous job of cleaning the rooms everyday and always left towel sculptures for us to “aahhh” over. The buildings were spotless and staff worked hard everyday keeping the resort clean, uncluttered and polished.

The main restaurant “La Brisca” is buffett style and the food that is put out for you is phenominal. There is a lot to choose from from pizza & pasta to beef & seafood. Fresh bread each & every meal was my downfall…it was wonderful. If you go away from this place hungry, it is your own fault!! The a la carte restaurants were good but our favourites were the Mediterranean & the Italian.

Pueblo Principe (Principe Street) is the shopping & entertainment venue located on the avenue as you come into the complex. The shops are enjoyable, although you can not do much haggling in the pricing of items. The casino, disco, pool hall etc are all located here on the street and it gets used the most after the nightly show that the annimation team completes (about 11pm). There are beach vendors located at the south end of the beach and this is where you can get the best deals. Campo Tours is beyond the beach vendors (go across the yellow wooden bridge) and you will get a much better deal here for tours than by going thru your Travel Rep in the resort. An excellent tour is the Monster Truck Safari.

If you are adventurous, instead of booking a tour through a rep, book a taxi driver & his van for the day. He will take you where ever you would like to go, at the negotiated price, and I promise you that you will learn more about the Dominican people and their country this way. Try it…we have done it now 3times and wouldn’t do it anyother way. BTW…Puerta Plata is about 60minutes from BPRSJ.

I hope that I have shed some light on BPRSJ. If I can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to email me.

[b]One small correction.

“…in the Club Hacienda section, which is now Club Golden”

The Club Hacienda Section on the west side of the resort is now referred to as the Club Diamond Section. Club Golden is a collection of beachfront buildings on the east side of the resort. Club Diamond is primarily sold by Sunquest and Club Golden is primarily sold by Transat Vacations.



Did you allready book the Bahia Principe? If you did book it I’ll stay quiet but if you have not booked yet I’ll give my opinion on why you should choose another resort.


Stayed there this past Feb the beach is OK at low tide, we only had low tide for the last couple of days of our two week vacation so walking the beach wasn’t the greatest,the beach at Playa Dorada, is nicer if you want a different beach take a cab to Playa Grande and Playa Caleton(smaller), the resort is nice, but it is remote not close to anything


We’ve been to the Bahia twice and enjoyed both trips. It depends on what you’re looking for really.
We found the rooms to be basic, but clean and doable.
The grounds are beautiful and very well kept (compared to the other resort we were at).
We found the staff to be very friendly and helpful.
The food was good, not spectacular, but very good. Good choice or restaurants and available foods.
We don’t go to the beach so we’re no help there.
We found the pool clean and enjoyed the entertainment there.
It is remote but we don’t mind. We tend to just relax on vacation anyway or take a tour. So it’s a little further, we were in no hurry.
We love Pueblo Principe because it’s like leaving the resort with out actually leaving it. The entertainment staff is great. They go all day, then do a show, then go out to the street for more entertainment and even sometimes end up in the disco later.

All in all we truly enjoyed it (enough to go back) and would recommend it. It’s a good value for the price.

We stayed at Breezes at a later date and prefered Bahia. It’s really an individual thing. We had no beefs with the resort at all and would definately recommend it.

This time around we’re staying at the Gran Ventena to try something different.



We were there in Feb/Mar 05 for two weeks and found the BPSJ to be satisfactory and a good value for the money. This is not to say that there weren’t areas requiring improvement – the main pool needed painting, the rooms needed some renovation and the linen and towels needed to be replaced. The food was good, the beach was long and wide with many loungers and the staff were attentive and helpful. The “strip” is a great concept considering the resort’s relative isolation. The isolation did not bother me because the resort is huge, there is much to do and many people to meet, albeit, most of the people we met were tourists and not Dominicans. But, frankly, I go south more for the sea and sun than anything else. Checkout the reviews on Debbie’s; you’ll find them helpful and more detailed.

Adios :sunglasses: ;D :sunglasses:


Thankyou all, for your help. We have another question, being avid Cuba travelors we regularily take school supplies, personal items and medication as gifts because the need in Cuba is overwhelming. Would these items be accepted in the same way in the DR as they are in Cuba?



[quote author=fredtracie board=general thread=1129068999 post=1129237711]Thankyou all, for your help. We have another question, being avid Cuba travelors we regularily take school supplies, personal items and medication as gifts because the need in Cuba is overwhelming. Would these items be accepted in the same way in the DR as they are in Cuba?


Please see:


Debbie’s Dominican Republic Children’s Foundation


Thankyou for all the info:
Would still like some more info on Gift Giving (as tips or making a donation to a school etc.) Your input is most apprciated!!!