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Bahia principe S.J


Was wondering what the difference is between the diamond and Royal golden clubs at this resort? Which is better?


The only thing different is that Diamond has it’s own dining room.
Some will say that they also have their own pool but I have seen every colour of wristband in that pool.
Both are situated on the beach, with Golden being a bit closer.
Go for the cheapest.


Bahia Principe SJ is 10 years old. The Diamond club rooms have recently been updated and refurbished. Several people we talked to in the Golden section said their rooms showed a little wear and tear.

The Royal rooms do not have their own buffet restaurant and have to use the main Buffet or any of the a la carte restaurants. The Diamond Club has its own buffet restaurant and access to the a la carte restaurants. Although the food is essentially the same at both buffets there was always a smaller crowd at the Diamond buffet and the food seemed fresher. The Diamond buffet was much smaller and we seldom saw any lineups at any time. (With 950 rooms in the resort the main buffet was always a zoo.)

There is also a pool exclusive for Diamond club. When we were their last month we did not see any people in the pool that were not Diamond club. The wristbands at the pool were three different colours, one adults, one children and one repeaters. This might explain what Mac saw. Quite frankly with three other pools there was little need for anyone to go out of their was as the Diamond section was at the far end of the resort.

This was our second trip to the Bahia Principe SJ and there were many repeat customers at the resort. We me one couple who was on their 10th trip.

If you have a choice take the Diamond club but as Mac says there is not a lot of difference. Both are near the beach. Both are at opposite ends of the resort.

Two couple we met had to move their rooms in the Golden end due to a strong smell of diesel fuel from the dive boats in front. The snack bar is closer to the Diamond end.

…Hope this helps


Yes thank u, all posts have been very helpful. Keep them coming LOL



Not much! You can’t get Presidente at the Bahia unless you buy it at the flea market or the hotel store. It doesn’t matter where you stay at the Bahia, basically it’s all the same. Don’t waste your hard earned dollars on either. No matter where you sleep, you’ll still find Quisqueya :stuck_out_tongue: - the world’s most foul and disgusting brew- in you mini-fridge and at the hotel bars. And, no! for anyone who might care I haven’t yet gotten over it! FIVE MORE DAYS and I’m off to the Coral Marien - or whatever it’s called now. They serve Presidente there, and top quality Dominican Rum, Brugal and Barcelo! Ole, Ole.

Adios :sunglasses: ;D :sunglasses:


Strange the B. P. San Juan doesn’t have Presidente…the B.P. Punta Cana serves the Pres. in cans, bottles, and on tap. Also plenty in the mini bar.


There is a difference in the cost of the beers to the hotels. Quisqueya is cheaper. The cost of staying at Bahia Principe SJ is cheaper than the Bahia Principe at Punta Cana…
You pays your $$$ and take your choice…

Personally I have no problems with Quisqueya…


Golden is also provided by Air Transat and Diamond is Signature or Sunquest, I think.

We stayed in Golden for 2 weeks when Byerbill and Mac were there and we found that everything was very much the same, only difference being that the Diamond has their own Restaurant which we were very very fortunate to eat at one night with our good friends from England and I found the food there to be absolutely amazing as compared to the La Brista. Not as much of a selection but as Mac and a few people have mentioned, the food did seem to be more hot and fresh. Again though, you have to remember that the main buffet (La Brista) is preparing to feed up to 2000 people 3 times a day.

If I went again, I would do the Diamond Section. Just for the private restaurant alone.


Just returned from Golden Club and we got to eat at the Dimond restauraune and saw no diff. we were allowed once a week at the dimond and 4 a la carte per week.