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Bahia Principe San Juan

I am looking for honest good bad and ugly on this resort.
2 adults travelling alone. We don’t expect super luxury but comfy beds, quiet at night, swim up bar. food choices and entertainment. Beach would be for in the water playing in waves and such. Not into laying out and baking for all hours.
Recommended excursions in the area

Hi there,

If you are 2 females traveling together, beware of below.

Just heads up!

Happy & Safe Travels!

[quote=@sillyjilly]Hi there,

If you are 2 females traveling together, beware of below.

Just heads up!

Happy & Safe Travels![/quote]

this story is pretty old, its almost ridiculous to reply to this crap , but here I go, Bahia management has already replied to this story questioning the comments by these 2 “girls”

there is so many holes (no pun intended)

gun shots in a big resort?

smashing patio door glass in a big resort?

people screaming in a big resort ?

come on if a little of this was true other guests would have reported it

this story didnt make national news for a reason as its a case of terrible reporting

hopefully a mod deletes this thread

When I originally asked the question, it was directed to Bob K, as he lives in this general area, as I understand it. I originally saw this posted on Facebook, so I was merely asking the question in order to validate or dispute its validity. Up to now, I haven’t seen anything from Bob K so, there may or may not be any truth to it. It may very well be a case of bad reporting, and depending on the the perception of the people impacted, what they may or may not have experienced. I in no way said that travellers should stay away from that area, it would be like saying don’t go to Toronto, because you might get shot, that won’t stop me from going, it’s all about situational awareness. If I owned the resort, I am sure I would do whatever necessary to downplay any bad press, so you need to weigh all of the evidence before making a decision.

The bottom line, did something happen, probably? Was it as bad as reported, probably not. Should the thread be deleted, not so sure about that. Most people are pretty smart and can sort out the bologna from the BS. I believe that the Bahia chain is very well run, we are leaving in two weeks for our 4th trip to the Ambar in Punta Cana. If I had any doubt that we were not safe there, I would go somewhere else, I am sure that another chain would be happy to take my money. All information is just that…information, we need to review all of it then decide. Just my humble opinion.


Here is my review, a little long but I feel very honest. PM me with any questions.

Bahia Principe San Juan— Chris & Nenita—Oakville Ontario

We were at this resort from Jan 8th to 22nd. Here are our thoughts.

Airline. We booked through Trip Central, and flew with Sky Service through Sunwin. We had made contact with another Debbie’s member prior to leaving and they found us at the airport, It was nice knowing someone else who was going to BPSJ, Different flight but same time. (Almost) We had a Champagne flight leaving Pearson late on the afternoon of the 8th. Well if you count sparkling wine as champagne then that’s what we had. One hour late leaving but the pilot made up that time and we arrived in Puerto Plata at our schedules time. We were out of the airport in less than 20 minutes, with our bags and on the bus. Bus was full of people only going to BPSJ. We were given our envelope with room key and everything we needed. No need to check in at the hotel.

Rooms. We were in block A on the ground floor, which I had requested directly to the hotel by e-mail. We had a real king size bed, not doubles put together, coffee maker and TV. The rooms are a little out dated with wicker furniture, but were fine. Only saw 2 spiders in the bathtub in the two weeks. (Very small) The water temperature and pressure in the shower was great every day. Hair dryer no problem. About 50-60 stations on the cable TV but only 10 English speaking, First time I had listened and watched an NFL game in Spanish. Cool!! Housekeeping was great, Inez was there mid morning and always had our towels made up into every kind of bird, or basket you could think of. We either left her $1-2.00’s a day or gifts. Mini bar full of what ever we wanted, $5.00 even got me 3 bottle of rum, in the first week.

Restaurants. We enjoyed the buffet for all 3 meals, anyone that goes hungry must really be a picky eater. Breakfast always had bacon, as previous posters have said they never saw it. Omelet bar was great, and fresh fruit was available with all three meals, and a pasta bar for lunch and dinner. The a la carte restaurants we differ from some of our fellow posters. We had the seafood rated as number one, probably because of our love of seafood, and then in order the Mediterranean, Italian and Mexican. We might have ordered the wrong entrée’s, who knows? Make your reservations as soon as you check in.
Casita Blanca the burger joint down the beach on the left is great. We bought a CD in San Juan and they played it for us as we had lunch. We even went there for dinner one night for a change, and had seafood paella.

Activities. We saw them and heard them, due to age and physical challenges, we did not participate, but those who did were having fun. Well, we did do the mini putt and it was great. Lots of fun and very different from what we have up here.

Bars. A lot of them but in my opinion very watered down booze. Yes I tipped, as I have done on our previous 5 trips to the DR. On the night we left I was sick with the flu ( the doctor on call at the hotel looked after me very professionally) I ordered a double or Mucho whiskey. Maria our server who we fell in love with, and gave her $ and gifts, could only bring me two glasses with a shot in each. She said she could not do one Mucho glass. There were a lot of suits around the hotel the last week we were there. Who knows? Presidente would have been nice on tap, but no such luck.

Beach. Yes the sand is brown not white, and that water not crystal white, but we were in the water every day. Yes there is a little sea grass under your feet in some area’s , so move to where there isn’t any. Second week we had more rain than week one and the water was not as clean, but it did not stop us. It beats Lake Ontario. Sand fleas, oh yes. My poor wife was attacked daily and had many, many bites. Nothing worked to keep them away.

Pools. Yes they need a paint job, but were cleaned every day, and I never saw anything floating around me as other posters have stated. The small pool to the left of the Italian restaurant is very shaded and quiet.

Nightlife. Only went to Pueblo Principe once, of course that was with our fellow Debbie’s members. Great time, and Boom Boom’s are fun even on a 55 year old. Paid for it the next day though. Nightly shows were good, and the staff really work hard to make it so.

Excursions. What can I say? Campo Tours is the only way to go. Herman was great, and Tinto, our guide was the best. We gave him our package of school supplies, goodies, and toys for his children school in San Juan. He was so excited to get it, especially when I gave him a pair of Labatt Blue sunglasses and matching hat.

Overall. I would recommend this property to families and those who want to be away from the “strip”. It is out of the way, but we took a bus to Cabarette, when we needed a break from the resort. 4 Star maybe?? but, a good value. Would we go again, no, but we have never been to the same resort twice.
Make sure to bring your insulated mugs and a good attitude, have fun.

A special thanks to the Tropical Travelers, Dave, Brother Tom and Big Tim, for making our 2 weeks that much better.

Wayneo, we looked for you at the swim up bar, with a white with a red maple leaf hat on, but no luck. Even Dave and Tom looked for you and they resided at the swim up. LOL. Indigo, sorry we did not hook up either.

I was aware of the report… and honestly really paid it no mind. I’m not a co ed drinking too much and no bartender would choose me over an easy target looking to cause drama.
Thank you for sharing the last review… it was very helpful. I did book my trip and so excited to be going.

Hey northernale1,

I wouldn’t say that January 2014 is pretty OLD!!

All I said was be aware, I didn’t say NOT to go just to be cautious.

One never knows how much truth is or is NOT in these stories. If I was considering this resort I would like to of known about the article, just to take an extra precaution incase!

Just sayin!
Happy Travels!

Alberta girl. This is a very good post by Captain. The resort is isolated but very nice and will be very enjoyable. I would take a day trip to Rio San Juan, tour the mango groves and then spend some time on Playa Caleton (one my favorite beaches on the north coast).

As to the “news” story. It seems that is about 95% BS. There were no gunshots, no local reports of anything. But rather a couple of women who did something they were not proud of and needed an explanation for folks (husbands???) back home. Use the same precautions you would anywhere you would travel, don’t flash money or jewels and you should do fine.

Enjoy your trip.


Thanks Bob for the clarity on this. I put out a post on Jan 11th “Two Thunder Bay Women Attacked” trying to find out if there was any truth to this. I had been approached by a friend on Facebook who was berating the DR and I was only trying to get some supporting information to tell them this was probably not the case. Somehow, it appears that I was trying to put a “negative spin” on the whole story, not sure how that came about. I will pass the information that you have provided to my friends, and assure them that what was written was not the case. In the future however, I will not ask for clarity, just let people draw their own conclusions…less hassle that way.