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Bahia Principe SanJuan- Sand fleas

We are going there in January it will be our first time there & I have been reading on some of the reviews that there is Sand Fleas is this true & are they really bad at this time of the year?

Please advise.

Yes, there are sand fleas on the beach at Bahia Principe San Juan. However, they can be easily avoided. Just stay off the beach when it is dark or after a rainfall. They come out when it’s cooler. During the hot sunny portions of the day, they are not a problem. We got a few bites during our visit this past February, but certainly not enough to make it a conversation topic. A good product to have with you is Bactine, which is a spray found in the same area of your drug store as sunburn relief items. We learned about Bactine on this site a year ago and found that it gave great relief for any flea bites we got. By the way, while some got flea bites all over their legs, we found they were mostly around our ankles.

One more thing… each morning, when arriving on the beach, we would soak our beach towel in the ocean water and use it to wipe off our lounger chair. Often, the fleas were found there. It was so hot, the cool wet towel actually felt good to lay on, and it quickly dried off in the sun.

I stayed there in April 2007. I didnt see a single sand flea or get a bite of any kind...and believe me, here at home Im usually a 4 course meal for the bugs!!We didn`t go down by the beach at night, so maybe that was why…Whatever the reason, our stay was bug free!

We have been going to DR for many years and this year was the first time we saw the sand fleas. Usually we go to the beach around 7am to set up our spot, go to beakfast and come back around 8:30. This time, instead of going to breakfast that early, we stayed on the beach until 8am and that’s when we were bitten by the sand fleas. As soon as the sun hits the sand, you don’t see them. So now we know not to stay on the beach too early in the morning. And when the the beach cleaner rakes the sand, the sand fleas are more active. We were on the Playa Dorada at Gran Ventana.

Avoid the beach at dusk! Stay away from the Quisqeya, the world’s worst beer. It attracts the little buggers.

Ah Quisqeya, is the worst beer and I don’t think even the sand fleas would go anywhere near it. Truly horrible

Quisqeya, better know by tourists as Puisqeya…horrible stuff!

Mosquito repellant possibly

um. yep. ditto to the above posts… GROSS

[quote=@hlywud]Quisqeya, better know by tourists as Puisqeya…horrible stuff!

Mosquito repellant possibly[/quote]

We actually saw Quisqeya made a couple years ago… they gave a donkey a bottle of Presidente, put a bucket under the donkey, what came out was Quisqeya…


Believe it or not, the BPRSJ’s choice of Quisqeya :stuck_out_tongue: and second tier rum like Columbus, is one of the reasons I would not choose to return there. Cheapy, cheapy, cheapy! ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: ::slight_smile:

Adios :sunglasses: ;D :sunglasses: