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Bahia Principe Wedding Package


Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone has been quoted a confirmation for their wedding package at the Bahia Principe in Punta Cana. The only reaon I’m asking is because I heard someone was quoted 895 US and I was quoted almost double!!! ($1500). I tried to email the wedding coordinator about this (as well as other things), but no response yet.

Can anyone tell me if they’re giving out different prices for different couples?



I haven’t received a confirmation but through my TA I know it was 1150USD for 2006 and prices for 2007 have gone up to 1500USD. I am going to try to negotiate it when I go…not sure how far I will get though. ;D


HI BP brides,

I just got back from my wedding at the BP Punta Cana and had a fanastic time…we paid $1150US for the package!!! Mariana and Janet her assistant were great and the hotel is absolutely amazing. I am still not home and have limited access to email but if you have any questions please let me know. You will not regret a wedding at this hotel. Food was great, pools, beach and of course the great weather.


We are just looking to book a wedding for October 2007 at this resort. From everything that I am reading it looks amazing, have not heard back from our TA regarding the prices yet, she did tell us that because we are fairly early we should still get the 2006 rates.
Question, anyone know if the gala dinner is included in the package? I have been warned that you may end up paying many additional charges that are not disclosed before hand (a dinner cost, per guest being one of those charges). :-/



Well, unfortunately olenkazmud prices for wedding packages is not avaialble for 2006 if your wedding is in 2007. We booked our wedding in March for our February 07 wedding and we were quoted the 2007 price. They will not honor the 2006 price if you book in 2006 - it’s based on when your wedding is actually held. This cost is $1500 US paid when you arrive to the resort.

This includes a dinner set up at one of the a la carte restaurants - no extra cost - unless you want the entire restaurant closed - then that is extra. If you want this set up elsewhere (ie. beach) that is extra. Cocktail party between ceremony and dinner is extra per person, as well as if you’d rather get married on the boat vs. at the resort - taht’s extra…??

I have confirmed the price for our wedding package - again 1500, i was told it costs less in the same chain in different cities, depending on “tourist attractions”.

Anyways, if you want to know what the package includes, email me and i’ll send you what the WC sent to us.



Hi Kilikina,
thanks for your reply, could you please send me what the WC sent you? That would really be great. Do you know how much the exra costs are by any chance? We were thinking of doing something like a closed dinner just for us and our guests…

Thanks again and any info you can provide is greatly appreciated.
my e-mail: olenkazmud@aol.com


olenkazmud i’ve emailed you what i’ve got.


Hi Olenkazmud,

I just got back from my wedding at the Bahia. Marianna was absolutley amazing and the day could not have gone better. I know for our wedding we paid a bit extra for Champange at the wedding and for some extra flowers. If you want those prices let me know and I can look them up. I think for the two it was $59 CND. Not too much. After the ceremony my guest just went up to the lobby bar for some drinks before dinner and that was great. We had our dinner on the outdoor terrace of the Italian restaurant, which is included the night of the wedding, and we had the place to ourselves, 25 pax. Very good food and atmosphere. I was in a full wedding dress and I did not find it too hot if you are worried about that. If you have any other questions please let me know if I can be of help.



Thanks Sharleen,

I am glad you are saying it’s not too hot for your wedding gown as mine is also full blown…would you mind sharing your pictures with me? How was their photographer?



Hi Christina,

The photographer was good. I wanted candid pictures so he did that very well He did rush a bit which I found hard to deal with. Some suggestions would be to slow him down a bit and make sure you have a list of all the pictures you want and stick to those. Our wedding was at 4:30pm so maybe he was rushing as he wanted to get us to the beach before it got too dark, so depending on your wedding time you might want to do some pictures a head of time. He did not take a lot of full lenght pictures so if you want those make sure you tell him. Just give him some direction and I’m sure you will be fine. You meet him a few days later in his photo shop in the Pueblo Principe-market area, and you go over your pictures on the computer. He had around 200 pictures and we only took 52 of them. We wanted just the best ones and no repeats. We also had lots of people taking pictures during the wedding and after He prints them off, 6x8 size and then burns them to a disc for you. We could have got all the pictures for an extra $100US but we declined. I think it cost us around $250US for all the pictures. Not too bad for what we got. I will forward some pictures to your email.

If you have any other questions let me know.



E. Coaster,

hello :slight_smile:

Getting married at the Bahia in March. We are from Nova Scotia. Would you mind also sending me a few of your pictures to show me some of the photographer’s work? Did you tell him what poses you wanted or give him examples of when to take your candid shots?

Congrats on your recent wedding. Thanks again.



Hi Jenn,

I sent you a few pictures on your personal email. I hope they will give you an idea. The photographer was good, but if you want specific shots make sure you tell him exactly what you want. He does direct you a bit, but if you have something special in mind just tell him and he will do whatever you want. I would have liked more full body shots, as he did a lot of shots from the waste up which are nice too but would have liked more of my full dress. He took over 200 photos and then you pick which ones you like. You meet up with him a few days later, he has the photo shop in the market area, and you go over the pictures on his computer. It can be overwhelming so we went through them very quickley and made a decision only once and then moved on. We only picked 52 shots and then he burns them to a CD and prints of 6X8 pictures as well. He will sell you all the pictures if you want. We had lots of people taking pictures and did not want to many doubles. If you have any question please let me know I would be glad to help.




Were you able to get your marriage license before you left? I heard if you don’t it takes upto 3 months after to receive by mail?



I was not able to get the marriage license. It does take up to 3 months so I still have anyother month 1/2 before I should recieve it. It is a bit of a drag. If you are going to take your husband’s name then you can’t do any of that until it comes. I did get Marianna to write me a letter indicating we were married. Not for legal reasons, more just for my own file.



I was also married at the Bahia, last March, it was a beautiful spot. Jorge Allocco was the photographer from the resort, he did an exelent job… he was fast though…so, I did miss a few pics that I wanted with some family members…but no biggie.

I paid $1150, that was the price for 2006.

Good luck, and happy planning!


Just had our final meeting with our travel agent and I metioned the price increase. She called Marianna right away and Marianna confirmed it. The price wasn’t negotiable, but Marianna said that increase is because the package is that much better, not just an increase for the sake of increasing.

We are supposed to get an updated wedding package by email to compare.


hey there!

I have seen both the 2006 and the 2007 packages - I didn’t see any differences between either package only the increase in cost.

I am adding a link to an MSN user groups where you can find the 2007 document as well as alot of info on Bahia Principe Punta Cana. Not sure if it will work here as you need to sign in - but you can read the related messages. If not send me an email and I can forward the attachment to you. ;D




A person must have a MSN passport to access the website you have listed.

Not everone signs up for msn.

You should upload your documents to some accessible host like www.ripway.com



I don’t use MSN on a regular basis - I just signed up to be able to access the user group - which has alot of neat info and pictures of weddings at the Bahia Principe.

It depends on whether it is worth the effort of siging up. :wink:


I have a msn passport also but it will not open…many other still do not.