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Bahia Principe Wedding


Hi Everyone
I’m getting married @ the Bahia Principe Punta Cana on Feb. 7/07. I was wondering if anyone else is getting or has gotten married there. Our wedding is at 1:30 and dinner on the Terrace at the Garden Grill Restraunt @ 6pm. I’m not sure what to do in this time period, any suggestions. Also I’m also kinda confused as to how the dinner/dance goes. Should we bring music to listen to during dinner? Is there a mic to do speeches with? I’m so excited only 17 more days til we leave!


Hey Jenn,

I’m getting married there 10 days after you!! We arrive on Valentines. Anyhow - can you clarify what you mean by “what to do in this time period”, do you mean between the ceremony and the dinner? Or do you mean between today until the day you leave?

As for a mic for speeches, they are willing to set something up for you - however, this is at an extra cost (ie. $250 at least), and for the dance - you can ask them for a DJ for $50 an hour or rent their soundsystem at $250 and bring your own CDs.

We are not doing either - we are not having speeches at our wedding, we are just going to go to the disco after dinner and have them play our first dance for us and that’s it…and then dance the night away…


Hey Jenn,

I am also getting married at the Bahia this April. Our wedding is scheduled for 1 PM…and then diner to follow at 6:30pm. From other posts I have read…we are preparing for the wedding ceremony (including champagne and informal reception) to take approximately 1 hour- we have requested that we have our wedding cake directly after the ceremony along with the champagne. We thought during this time our wedding party may have opportunity to offer casual speeches or toast the event…we might even do a first dance at this time. We will also spend about an hour taking pics with the photographer and take some of our own more casual pics around the resort. After this I plan to get out of my wedding dress (If I have not already passed out from the heat!) and have drinks and celebrate at the pool bar with our friends and family. After soaking up the sun for the rest of the afternoon I will slip back into my dress and we will have our diner reception at 6:30 PM…after dinner I think we will just go with the flow…have drinks at the lobby bar and make our way to the disco at some point.

I agree…it is a long day with the ceremony so early in the afternoon. But we plan to just kick back and relax during the afternoon…take advantage of the sun and sip on margaritas!

Congrats on your wedding and good luck!


Hey all!

I get married there 1 week from today! Leaving on Saturday! Woohoo!

Here is our plan:
Ceremony at 4p.m.
Will have cutting of cake then - then for pictures as guests mingle or go to lobby bar to wait for dinner.
Dinner reservations at 7:00 - at terrace at garden Grill (you can stay there until clsoing at 11) We are taking our ipod and speakers for music during and after dinner.
Then to lobby bar (from 11-12) as Disco doesn’t open until midnight.
Then party the night away at the disco. :sunglasses:

Goona be a party!!! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: ;D


Tonya, what did you do for clothes - we ordered from online - custom made, and they were made 2 inches too short on everything!! They do not fit and I only have 1 month to go- what should I do?


Nevermind - talked to the company and it’s settled - they are sending a replacement order to arrive in 2 weeks - cutting it close since we leave in a month, but what other options do I have?




Thanks for all the great suggestions guys! I think that we’re gonna have canopes and champagne in the lobby after the ceremony, then take our pictures, then hang out in the lobby with all our guests until dinner. Mariana e-mailed me a menu of snacks we can order after the ceremony, they sound pretty good and are reasonably priced. If there are any suggestions or anything that anyone has heard about weddings at this hotel let me know. Thanks again everyone!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Oh and PS does anyone out there have pics of a wedding at this hotel. If so I would love to see them.


Hey Jenn505

There is an MSN user group for Bahia Brides with some beautiful pics. I have sent the link to people and they were able ot view them without being members or having a sign-in name - try this:

Check the pictures on the left side of the page. BTW “Elise and Brad’s” pics are just gorgeous!!!


1 more sleep until departure!!!


Thanks for the web site. The pics are awesome!!! It gives me a much better idea of what the day will look like now. Only 14 more sleeps!!!