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Bahia Principe


Hey wuts up everyone…just signed in think the site is awesome…
Have a question for anyone who has been to the dominican around this time…Oct…Nov…
How is the weather…I’m going with my girlfriend and were not sure how the weather is going to be…is it rainy???
If anyone knows please Answer…Thanks



It should start snowing any day now there…be sure to pack your skis and a warm hat…

LOL You know I am kidding…it should be fine…I think the “rainy” season is ending…but do not quote me, I am just going by what I have heard. My parents go every November and they have warm sunny weather…


gone a couple of times in Oct, had great weather. Enjoy


Hey Guys!
Thanx for the reponses.
It makes me feel a little better about the weather!
Ive been checking weather sites all month and it seemed that the weather has been really rainy just in the last 2 weeks…so thats why I’m worried about it…before these two weeks it was clear and sunny…
I’m just praying that the weather is good…this is a vacation I really need!


I’m sure you know there are no absolutes, but we’ve been 2 times in November and are going back this November. Obviously we’ve not had problems.

There has always been some rain on every trip to the DR including the one in April, but never enough to ruin everything. However, we’ve always expected some rain so it doesn’t bother us. Expect perfect weather and there is a higher probability for disappointment.


If you are concerned about the weather, take a small umbrella with you. But if I remember correctly, most of the rooms at BPRSJ had umbrellas in them. When we went, the rain usually came at night after we got back to our rooms. If it rains during the day, it doesn’t last long (maybe 10minutes), then it dries up and you are on your way again. Enoy!!


I think most rooms did have umbreallas. Or you could ask at the front desk. Cover your drink when you in the pool, wait it out. Enjoy. It won’t rain for long.


Some rooms at the Bahia may require umbrellas inside the rooms! LOL


You must have been under my room last year when I had one to many momawana thingys and decided to have a bath. Did’nt leave much water in the tub. :-X


Ahhh Mamajuana —the drink that you just can’t stop at one! :-/ Never tried taking a bath after a few but I definately enjoyed standing under the waterfall in the pool after one too many!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t worry about the weather, as stated before, if it rains it last for about ten to fifteen minutes and then the sunshines. It is more likely to rain during the evening! :sunglasses:


Hey once again thanks for the postings guys & girls…
Ya i heard about the Mambawamba stuff…i heard u can get pretty crazy off it…Anyways I’m not gonna worry about the weather anymore…just goona go and have agood time!
Thanks for the responses this is a great site!!! Good Job Debbie