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Bahia Principe


Hey! I was just wondering if there are any good shopping centres around Bahia Principe Resort. I know its not in the main Puerto Plata area, but i’m still looking for places to shop or any discos that may be around there!


If you are going to Bahia Principe San Juan there is NOTHING around. There is a main street in front of the resort that has some shops and such however you are basically in the middle of nowhere. We liked the resort and the street in front was interesting. There is a disco there.



Nope, there’s nothing there really. Rio San Juan is close by, but there’s really not much there. There’s a small market on the beach off to the east side of the resort. It’s a series of stores that sell pretty much the same things, but you can swing some good deals there. There are a few stores on the hotel property, but their pricey and do not offer much. You can take a taxi, or maybe day trips through one of the tour companies to Sosua, Cabarete or Puerto Plata. If your looking for souvenirs or small gifts, the beach market should be adequate. You’ll find a good assortment of art, carvings, jewelery, “crafts” clothing, booze and tobacco. Enjoy your stay. It’s not a bad resort.