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Bahia - take insulated mugs or not?

I have read conflicting reports on whether they will fill insulated mugs or not … has anyone been recently that can confirm whether they do or not? We don’t have Bubba Kegs, but 20oz ones (Disney resort mugs).

Many thanks


We always take our 20 oz mugs, they are great for keeping drinks cold and keeping sand out of drinks. The only resort we went to that refused to fill them was NH Krystal in Cayo Coco…

We were there in October and they filled our insulated mugs, but we didn’t take the " Bubba Keg" style. Did see someone there witht one and they used it as a cooler so had to make less trips to the bar. Didn’t hear of it being refused to fill but then Oct is not as busy if that would make any difference?

Last May in the Ambar section they would not fill insulated mugs.

My buddy had a 16 ounce timmies that they wouldn’t fill but they had no issue giving you enough of your favourite beverage to fill the mug yourself.

Seems silly to waste all those plastic cups when an insulated mug is far more “green”…even the large 52 ounce variety.

I was there in November at the Ambar and they filled my 32oz bubba mug. They didn’t seem very happy to fill them though. I understand some people probably waste their drinks but I was drinking my whole drink over the course of about 2 hours. I like the mugs because I can float around with them and not spill my drinks

glad to hear they are filling the Bubba’s…I agree if people are wasting or throwing out or getting the 52oz ones filled, but the 20oz or 32oz makes sense…saves on cups, trips back and forth and most importanlt really keeps the drinks cold!!..hope that doesnt change before April!

take the mugs…makes for less trips to bar , keeps drink cold, and is environmentally friendly