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Banking Machines at Royal Catalonia Bavaro?

Are there any banking machines at the Royal Catalonia or do you have to exchange currency or travellers cheques at the front desk/guest services???


They have a Popular Bank on the “regular” side…don’t know about the Royal.

Is this a “bank” or bank machine


behind/aside the lobby area of the catalonia bavaro is a banco popular bank office.
also accessible for royal guests of course, the Cat is one resort.
there is also a ATM, located at the entrance of the employees section.
to reach that from the royal you leave the lobby straight on walking the road towards the cat bavaro lobby and before reaching that bavaro lobby you see a guarded entrance to your left, it is the first possibility to turn left, walk in there and right behind the guard’s house you see the ATM on the right side. no probloem to use for guests.
happy travel

It is an actual walk-in bank. They even make change for American money. I gave them a $20 and they gave me 20 one dollar bills in return.